Complete Working day Of Ramadan – Diet, Teaching and Exercise Recommendations

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  1. great video and lots of respect Merijn. It's pretty hard to fast and keep on track. For me, I have gained muscles in the Ramadan while fasting. It was for me just about eating enough when I'm allowed to. five more days and than I've done it. thanks again for the video

  2. I think it’s easier for Muslims to not break their fast because we have a purpose and plus we know if we don’t then it will be a sin. Faith can beat temptation if you really believe. You don’t understand how much I respect people who are non-Muslims and try to fast even for 1 day because this is something we grow up either doing, learning about or just seeing happen from our families. We become prepared for this however you guys don’t and for that I’ve got to take my hat off to you:)

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