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I’m Aja Dang and this is my prolonged haul in-flight skincare regimen! In this online video you can uncover out what my encouraged plane skincare regimen is. Right here are the splendor and skincare goods that I have on with me on the plane to make certain my skin stays moisturized and dewy. These are my skin care necessities for travel and during your flight.


EO Hand Sanitizer:
PIXI Glow Peel Pads:
CREMORLAB Mineral Essence:
JOANNA VARGAS Eye Hydrating Mask:
Jade Roller:
Gua Sha Instrument:
INSYTUTYM Oyster Renewal Serum:
IT COSMETICS Top secret Sauce:
ROOT SCIENCE Dazzling Eye Serum:
FIG & YARROW Nail Salve:
IT COSMETICS Lip Procedure:
INSTYTUTYM Alive Drinking water:


Jade Rolling vs. Gua Sha:


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  1. I think its because we dont have a nice skin, thats why we use lots of skincare products,even on airplane…. I have a friend, she has perfect skin, no pores, no texture, no red spots, very bright skintone, and she doesnt even wash her face very often, she barely use any products…. if that kind skin is like a 9 or 10, that kind people dont need to spend anymore or any effort, and even we spent thousands of dollars and lots of time for our skin, we still can only get to like 6 max, and we still have textures, red spots and shit…just so jealous…..

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