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This is art 2! I share really useful guidelines on how to expand your hair for a longer time, thicker and much healthier. Check out Portion one in this article-
Helpful Videos
How To Moisturize and Seal-
three Porosity Exams-
Minimal Porosity Do’s and Dont’s-
Wash Working day Routine-
How To Trim Hair-
Deep Ailment Routine-
My Favorite Hair Solutions-
Dampness Overload-
Pure Hair Up Do-

My Skincare Routine-
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How I Retain My Hair Models (Twistouts, Wash and Go’s and so on)

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  2. low porosity, high porosity, density, etc. is so confusing to me! But I'm doing the best I can to keep my hair conditioned, moisturize and growing. Especially since I have about three different hair types. Love your hairstyle and thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for this video. You're so pretty, and your hair … I'm a bit jealous, tbh
    My hair is low porous, can't deal with protein and coconut oil and I've been searching for a deep conditionner for so long that I've finally given up… Do you have any suggestion (products or any home made DC I could realise) ?

  4. people don't get mad at me for saying this but I guess people hair type because of the "good hair" "bad hair" stereotype. all hair is beautiful so long as you take good care of it. and just thank God for giving you your glory.

  5. You, the Glamtwinz, Naptural85 all say the same thing about curl patterns and I love it! You guys don't put so much emphasis on what "curl pattern" you have but your technique and routine. love it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Always love your videos, full of useful tips. pls can you give examples of products with both protein and moisture in it. I'm experiencing moisture overload. About to do a hard protein treatment with Aphogee.

  7. I've been natural all my life, but have had heat damage. I had cut the damaged parts and I'm seeing a big difference. My problem is though around my edges. The ends there seem thin and damaged no matter how I clip them. Any advice?

  8. I have a question, im only 14 and my mom does my hair it's always blown out so how will ik how to take care of a specific hair type when I don't really know what type my hair is.

  9. last Saturday i had a trim to make my ends look great. Today I did a co-wash, deep conditioned for 45 mins them leave in, shea m. curling smoothie and the curls gel and the back was more defined, my crown was loose and i can nevr get mt front to work with my curls. i have low porosity hair. at this point after 6 yrs of natural hair i want to give up. what should i do to get more defined hair and be able to style differently with shoulder length hair that shrinks up to my ears?

  10. I'm so bad at being consistent. I've been natural for years and I've never been properly consistent. I need to make myself do better to be better. And pictures are a great suggestion!

  11. I am "only" 2c, 3a on a good styling day (and with the help of Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie) and I condition twice after washing (shampoo for oily hair) with a conditioner for dry damaged hair. It works for me. I use the LCO method for styling and it is just plain awesome. I have learned loads from girls with 3 & 4 type hair. I just have to "tone it down" some for my hair, but the same technique does work for me!

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