Pounds Reduction Eating plans.. The Very good AND Terrible! (What is Very best)

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  1. I have done a few different meal plans given to me by a coach, that was early in my journey. I have always counted calories, though I recently started following IIFYM. So basically I count macros and calories. Seems to have worked so far. One question I do have is, what do you do when you hit a plateau?

  2. Nice video. I'm counting calories and trying to hit a protein goal, so that's sort of a combination of the 2. I don't really care about carbs and fat other than the calories they bring to the table. I'm working out and so I'm trying to eat enough protein to build muscle, hence the protein goal.

    You're looking more buff in this video. Keep it up.

  3. Very informative vid, learned lots of stuff. Could you maybe do more vids on not necessarily meal prep but healthy lunch/dinner ideas with healthy carbs and protein?! I feel like I always eat meat n over portion for protein.

  4. I am interested to know about weight loss and healthy meals with little to now fridge access. I live out of a mini fridge and do not have the time to go to the store and cook multiple times a week. I am one day off of work a week and work 10 hr shifts so if you have any tips that would help me for meal prepping non perishables or having food items that are multipurpose that would be great.

  5. ive lost 30 lbs in just over 2 months strictly tracking calories, but i want to gradually work my way into tracking macros instead over the next few months. And then once i reach my weight goal i plan to shift over to intuitive eating using what ive learned, if i gain weight back on that ill go back to counting while i figure out what went wrong. But so far pure calorie counting has worked for me.

  6. I just count my calories, I need to be around 1500 calories per day to lose about 2 lbs a week. I follow a high carb low fat whole food plant based diet, so macros are probably good.

  7. Totally agree with you Jon, all the above mentioned diet plans will work well for a person at the beginning of their weight loss journey. Same thing happened to me when restricting calories I loss 1-2lbs a week, but you can't really screw up badly if you don't start binge eating every other day.

  8. I'm calculating everything. I lost 3.4kg this month and 3.3kg last month,here are my macro's and total calories in take,CAL 2,305,CARBS 50%, PROTEIN 20%, FAT 30%.
    John is my protein in take too low or it's just fine?

  9. Do you have any scales you recommend? I bought one from amazon and it's widely inconsistent. Within seconds of each weighing it can fluctuate anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds in both directions.

    I'm in need of an accurate scale if you or anyone in the comments has a suggestion!


  10. Hi John what do you think of the Penn Jillette weight loss plan which is based on the Ray Cronise program. You start out on the potato diet for two weeks to reset your taste buds and your microbiome. Then you switch to Joel Fuhrman diet. Love to hear your opinion.

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