Eat Carbs For Extra fat Reduction

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  1. I agree with your take on carbs 100%. I feel I look my best while eating carbs. My mother in law thinks that if you even look at a carb you will gain 10 pounds, I have tired to explain carbs to her but she cannot be swayed from her beliefs.

  2. If you keto and marathon than you force your body to use fat instead of carbs since there is no carbs. However i reccomend sprints as HIIT minimalizes muscle loss. Im not saying go keto but just try fasted training or training on low carbs then eat carbs.

    Example. Eat chicken breast and lettuce and an hour later lift or run or caslithenics etc. Then for postworkout have fruits, smoothie, carbs etc..

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  4. I have played around with a way of eating for a while to find what works for my body and I have found that lower carbs moderate fats and moderate-high protein has worked best for me. I workout when I have time to I'm a pretty busy highschool student and I find that's what works best for me I don't disagree with carbs but I feel carbs that are taken in should come from fruits, veggies, whole grains not cookies, ice cream, sugary drinks, etc. But love your videos and forever a subscriber!!

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