Balanced Treats | Rapid and Straightforward | Initial Hei-Tea Time

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Hi fam! This video clip has a ton of my favourite healthier bigger protein foods/snacks, update on could chemical peel, update on foods allergy journey, the worst camel toe shorts ever, a new foam roller thats AHHHmazing, assembly the new pup, warehouse exciting, aiding Gaby with posing follow, sharing my thoughts on the thirteen Factors why clearly show, and much more. ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. You're first "Hei-Tea" moment at the end of this video was beautifully said, Heidi!!!  Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so real!  Its so true and so important for people to remember that just being there for someone and listening is such a positive thing!  And people do just want to be heard!  I know because I've been there myself.  You're an amazing remodel, Heidi!  Keep it up, girl!  🙂

  2. Heidi, you're such a ham! I sooo love your wacky sense of humor!  Lol!  I think you would be the most fun person to hang out with ever!  You rock, girlfriend!!!   🙂

  3. OMG thank you so so much heidi for taking your vegan followers in cosideration thats very nice of you <3 if you ever want more options to also follow rawvana she does vegan meal preps and they are amazing <3

  4. fuck you for filming at Auschwitz when they tell people not to! no respect what so ever! no wonder you disabled the comments on the video,because you know what people would write. stupid ass bimbo

  5. I thought the show was great. Watched it with my 12 year old and had a lot of tough discussions about consent but she needs to know these things and the importance of watching what you post online

  6. I love that you are mentioning the show. I have watched both seasons too, and they have had such an impact on me. I had severe anorexia in my teens and spent a full year between different hospitals and psychiatric hospitals and with the friends you make there it is a high probability of losing some. I've lost in total 3 close friends and have has many deaths around me, some due to bullying and some as a result of sexual assults. It is horrible to know what those boys and girls have gone thorugh, and I hope someone watching this video will feel less alone by you bringing it up <3

  7. I cried so much during the first season. I really don't understand how people can be mean to each other, I feel so terrible within seconds of hurting anyone. Most of the time what I say doesn't even bother the person and I'm the one crying for possibly making them feel bad at all. Just wish people had more sensitivity to even strangers much less people they know. Can't wait for the next tea talk xox

  8. I definitely agree with what you said about the show. Everyone is making it to be so controversial because of what it shows, but it’s because people don’t like seeing it. They acknowledge it’s a problem but are too afraid to do anything about it and they don’t want to watch it. I think it’s a great show to tell people what goes on in schools. I think it was a bit dramatic at some points but at the same time, it could be very realistic. I wouldn’t know anymore as I’m no longer in school. However, I have been subbing at junior highs and kids are so mean to each other. They don’t realize the effects they could have on someone. I was always the one that stood up for people getting bullied. You could say I bullied the bullies I guess, but I hate seeing people being mean to each other. I once saw this special education student who always gave people high fives (including myself) getting bullied by this group of guys. Well, me beings probably 4’8 at the time, or shorter, went up to those guys and told them off (told them to pick on someone else who would be better able to defend themselves). They went away like the cowards they were and from that day, I no longer got a high five. I got a hug every single time I saw him in the hall and it made my day every day. Little things like that could change a kids life. Just being kind is what matters.

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