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“Want grooming tips for your wedding day? Want to take care of your skin before your wedding day? Want to learn few face cleaning tips? Want to look fresh on your wedding? Want good bridal tips? Have tried every grroming tip available to no success, whatsoever? Well here is the solution.
Wedding is one of the most important days, if not “The Most”, in one’s life. And we all know, be it a bride or a groom, want to look like a dream.
However, these expectations leads to anxiety and which may lead to lack of sleep and stress, which in turn leads to dark circles and drowsy eyes and can really affect your appearance.
Bride and Groom use many varieties of skin creams and remedies to look as fresh as possible.
In this wedding special video by Skinfiniti, renowned Cosmetics Dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad gives you 5 skin care tips for Brides and Grooms, to take care proper and easy care of your skin and eyes.
If you are getting married or someone you know is getting married, don’t forget to watch and share this video for an easy tutorial to look fresh and like a dream on the most important day of your life.

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  1. You makes very nice and helpfull videos but why u dont reply anyone's question…plz rply i knw its not possible to rply all the people but if you can rply to us that is very very helpfull to us…

  2. Mam can you please suggest a high grade good quality sunblock brand which has both physical and chemical sun protection factors in it..for normal skin type… it's really difficult to come to an informed decision without an expert's help..

  3. Hiya, this process appears to be too difficult, there is a quite simple way. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". You can find lot of new tips to enhance your beauty.

  4. Mam meri shadi hy feb mein.. mere face py pmpl nai aye thy kbi.but ik mnth hugya aye thy. Pmpl tu chly gaye but nishan choor gay .. nishan kse khtm kiyw jain?

  5. Mam my wedding will b on feb. And i have pimple on my forhead n due to this reason my skin colore had dull. I actually lose my acture skin fare colore … So what i do…. Plz suggest me

  6. Mam plz suggest three month before treatment with its cost for glowing skin done at porlour..so i can be prepared..with bugdet n kn whethere these treatments are available around my area or not??

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