Woman credits Instant Pot for her nearly 80-pound weight loss

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton also weighs in on how eating home-cooked meals made all the difference for one woman who had been struggling to shed pounds.


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  1. If you stop and take a minute to look at the four reasons why most diets AND Fitness programs fail, and then find yourself a diet or fitness plan that overcomes these reasons, you will soon find yourself on track to optimal success.!! DOWNLOAD FREE EBOOK to Know What are the Four reasons Holding You back . Click Here :http://bit.ly/2E4ZDNm

  2. I would never use a pressure cooker. I had a brand new one blow up on me 5 years ago and suffered 2nd degree burns over 25% of my body. It's great that people wanna cook food fast. But this type of kitchen gadget permanently scarred my body.

  3. Not sure whu western society eat processed food and eat out alot. Working in a gov position i hear some of the things peoole make for dinner how can u even allow your kids eat that?

  4. I bought a pressure cooking on sale from Macy's for 89 bucks by Presto! This is an advertisement for a pressure cooker. So, find one that is cheaper. Overall, she lost weight by eating healthier, and the pressure cooking only helped her cook meals bc its time consuming..

  5. Insta pot is only 80 bucks on Amazon, plus not eating out and taking out processed foods will cause you to loose weight. It doesn’t take genius to know that. I’m doing it

  6. Wow the worst of humanity just came out in these comments …if you are skinny and “cook” boxed Mac and cheese and shake and bake every night you will NEVER understand how much time cooking from scratch takes…washing and cutting your own vegetables , cutting up/seasoning and cooking meat. That can take hours and the instant pot cuts that time in half bc long cook times in an oven or crock pot are slashed in half. So now that meal cooked with healthy ingredients in a fast way with the instant pot is way more nutritious and less addicting than processed food is for obese people like me. So in turn taking in less calories than you burn becomes easier to do on a daily basis bc you have tons of healthy delicious meals cooked fast…faster than getting in your car and driving to McDonald’s.

  7. YIKES! Just checked on line and these Insta pots cost over $400! For that kinda money I can buy lots of fresh veggies and just steam them. Fruits I eat raw. Salads I eat raw. Guess Insta pot manufacturer paid for this as an ad.

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