True To This Ep. 31 | Full Day of Eating | Abs

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Hey guys! This video has a full day of eating & a new workout that I’ve been doing for my abs that has been a killer lol. Hope you guys enjoy this video, thank you for watching. Love you guys xoxo


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  1. It's impossible to looking like this buff and lean without steroids.(im not saying you train, hard eat well). And most of fitness gurus lying about the drugs. Probably you are taking low dosage anavar. Am i wrong? İ am training hard,eating well but i didn't get the results.

  2. I made the zuccini sticks last night! Preheat oven to 425. I sprayed my zuccini with coconut oil spray from trader Joe's added Himalayan sea salt, garlic powder,and a little parm. Baked for 10-15 Min (depending on how many you make). Broil on low for 4-5 Min with your tray close to re broiler to make them crispy. These were amazing!!

  3. Paige – We have completely different bodies and goals, but I don't do any ab work. They seem to take care of themselves with other activities and nutrition 🙂 Your protein ice cream bowl was absolutely beautiful. I'm going to re-create!

  4. FOREVER IN LOVE w these full day of eating videos!<3 You are such an inspiration! Btw I`ve got one question : Whenever your are dieting for a competition do you keep most of your leg days and other workout high rep to keep most of your muscle mass?:)

  5. And what’s your diet when your losing fat. I need to drop like 50 pounds and I’m kind of stuck, I can’t seem to drop weight, I lose inches but I want to drop lots of fat.

  6. Paige ! You are so awesome killing it left and right girl ❤️ love you ! Hope I can give people support with my channel the way you give me support everytime you post ! ❤️❤️ keeping being amazing

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