Indian Ketogenic diet plan for weight loss

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Indian Version Of Ketogenic Diet for weight loss.
The following plan is tailored for Indians with a sedentary lifestyle
Indian Version of ketogenic diet ot indian keto diet is useful for weightloss and epilepsy. High fat high protein and low carb indian ketogenic diet

Ebook link :Detailed Ketogenic Diet Chart for Weight loss (4 weeks) with free Keto Recipe ebook

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  1. Hi Friend's . Thank you for watching our video , there is a small correction, Keto diet is moderately high in protein, and not HIGH in protein. Thank you for understanding and being such sweet viewers.

    Also , i would like to tell you that the above video is just an example of what an indian keto diet looks like. Like every thing else in the world , keto diet too has 2 sides , of pros and cons . it is hard to cover every thing in a video of 10 mins . Hence we have just mentioned the basics of keto diet and a sample diet plan .

    To know about the pros and cons and other pointers of keto diet , visit –

    To know about the FAQs , ( based on real queries that i come across everyday from my clients, readers and viewers read this article –
    It covers every thing from supplements needed , precautions needed, what type of fat , what type of carb to eat and every thing else you wished to know about keto .

  2. You didint say about avacado fish, meat and healthy fat from red meat strictly no sugar in any form even stevia, no oil fried items, use butter home made, paneer home made, for cooking coconut oil very little amount, have coconut oil cold pressed two teaspoon every day, you should not have coconut during weight loss phase, have goose berries if you feel hungry in between, or a gauva raw, do intermittent fasting as 12:12, 16:8, 20:4, 23:1
    Day another day from week four have hot water as much as you can, at night have a inch of turmeric, small onion 1no, 10black pepper, and 2-3 tulasi leaves grind it well in granny's traditional method and have after a full fat dinner, and 1-2 garlic cloves should be finely chopped and have with that ingridients said before and make it ready before dinner and have those items afyer dinner with 1glass of luke warm one table spoon or 10ml of apple cider vinegar added to it. if a woman expecting conception then avoid tulasi leaves,
    This teraphy is used to decrease the inflamation in your body, as it burns the stored fat. Example: as you applying oinment on the wound.
    And it helps to Burn more fat through out the day, in first week you will feel headache, low energy, nausea, etc beacuse your body has been pushed to starvation mode and the ketones works to burn the another source called fat, your body gets confused and make you consume more carb intake, but if are confident in your diet you will get the results very soon, but try to be in keto atleast for 100days really it helps, make sure that you have to consume lots of water to cut down the stress of kidneys as the protine intake is high

    All the best

  3. I followed Ketogenic for an year and lost lot of weight but guess what my cholestrol level shot up too ..please do consult with you doctor you don't want to end with heart attack after eating so much paneer pakoras and oil ..dont just follow anything..and its not only me…one of my other friend's bro lost 30kgs and landed up with drastic increase in cholestrol

  4. Are there any side effects of this diet because being a working woman I find it difficult and a little dangerous to follow cause of hectic schedule. People who stay at home 24/7 for them it might be easier to follow .

  5. 900 & 600?such calorie restriction & weight loss is not healthy..better to stick to a reduced calorie(below maintenance but definitely above 1000 cals) diet coupled with exercise..I have recently lost 30 kgs of weight with regular exercise & 1400 calorie took quite some time but result is worth it!

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