Hair Damage Diary #2

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Every time I film one of these I realise I haven’t really been clear about my ‘damage’. My hair is bleached and so obviously is damaged to a degree anyway but the main issue I have is breakage I suffered the last time I had a full head of bleach. This was a clean break which is now growing, my hair isn’t brittle or weak I’m just trying to nourish it as much as possible in the hope it will grow quickly.

Another issue I had was hormonal, I shed a lot of hair over a period of around 8 weeks that some of the products mentioned did help slow however this has now settled. I’m now left with relatively soft, healthy (for bleached) hair that is thin because of the damaged sections. When I talk about the ‘breakage slowing down’ I’m really refering to the hair shedding which was previously coming out in clumps in the shower but is now back to normal. I’m considering extensions to fill out those sparse areas while it grows, I’m not concerned about tension/traction damage as I’m not looking for much length and I have at least a couple of inches of health, undamaged roots to adhere them to.

I felt I needed to add some extra info as a recent instagram post sparked a lot of ‘advice’ such as ‘leave your hair alone’, ‘dye it dark and cut it’, ‘why not just use clip ins, they won’t damage your hair’ – the list goes on.. My hair isn’t snapping off, it’s cool! besides which if it all falls out that would be a great video, wouldn’t it? *ugly cry*

You can watch the original video here as well as find links to everything I mentioned as a follow up in this video

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  1. My hair is exactly the same I live in Preston, Lancs and the salon I go to do the Belami hair strip extensions I have had all the micro beads which rip out the glue in which do the same and the clip in which gave me traction alapecia – excuse my spelling but these tape in's are amazing I bought 2 strips they are about 3inch wide each and including fitting they cost £60.00 every 12 weeks you have them removed and replaced further near your roots again, to have them removed and replaced it is £40, I had them cut to the same length as my hair as I did not want them for length just for thickness and also thats why I only had them put in the sides hope this info helps luv debs xx

  2. Hi Khila! The best thing I have ever, ever done to my hair was Olaplex. It's a salon therapy in principle but you can find the KIT in Amazon and use it at home(that's what I did). I 've got dry and frizzy curly hair, had been using mousse on every wash and my hair was getting very tangly and dry on the second day and was never growing. After two therapies and having done highlights in between, I styled my hair just with a leave in conditioner (what???) and my curls were frizz free for 4 days (!!!). This is some serious re-hydration and has never happened to my before! Absolutely amazed by it!

  3. I had a blood infection and my hair broke was brittle and fell out and was very thin. – too thin for a pony tail 🙁 someone suggested I take sea kealp tablets! After 2 months I began to notice the difference my hairdresser was surprised as my hair has always grown really slowly! Worked for me xx

  4. I used hair extensions and it made my hair SO much worse. All that extra weight on hair which is already weak? Not a good idea! I know what you mean about a pixie cut not being for you – they don't suit me either. But I'd really recommend just sticking it out. Keep using the products, be gentle with it (I'd recommend only using a tangle teaser) and keep massaging your scalp. I think you're only a month or two away from it looking like just a slightly choppy bob which is really not that long at all. I know it's hard to be patient when you're so fed up but please don't get extensions!

  5. Thank you for sharing this update. I enjoy to know how it's all going but I think you should do whatever is going to make you most happy since when it comes down to it is your hair that you have to wear and it will always grow back.

  6. Have you tried using coconut oil? It's so good for your hair and it's cheap! I normally have it in overnight or just leave in for a few hours and then wash as normal 🙂

  7. I've had a few sets of extensions before (a weave and micro rings).. and it really helped grow my hair as I was barely washing it, heat styling it or doing anything to it really… and I'm sure it helped a little having the extra weight to almost force it out of my head :p I think your hair may be too thin though :/ maybe nano rings or something (smaller than standard micro rings).. But I guess you can discuss that in your consultation. But I completely get what you mean when you say it gets you down. It's a pricey ordeal, but most of them last so long if you get good quality ones so it'd be so worth it!x

  8. my experience Khi was that I used to get my hair bleached all the time by my friend that was training to be a stylist in a salon, she only charged a tenner & did it in her living room, so I took advantage. cue fucked up lightbulb coloured hair! i then went through a crazy patch and coloured my hair brown from a box dye, i personally think this damaged my hair even more! recently i plucked up the courage and found a good salon to care of my hair and we went through the amazing process of me getting my hair light again. basically three lots of bleach highlights plus lots of clever stuff. my stylist always tells me how good my hair feels and to say my hair is bleached it does look pretty damn healthy, but i only think it looks this way since handing myself over to a professional, i dont over heat style and don't wash it often. i dont know what it is, could just be genes! but to all those people that think darker is best and bleach is bad – its not always the case! i wouldn't dream of telling you what to do, Khi and im not an expert either, do what you want, you always live with the consequences anyway, you embrace them and thats what i bloody love about you. xoxo

  9. i feel like you are my hair twin, my hair is crap! and i know its cause i bleach it but i love being blonde so i wont dye it dark and myi also do not have the face for a shorter cut. my hairis so thin on my right side and so weak, ive also been using the redken antisnap but ive discovered a wee gem from avon, its a keratin mask cheap as chips and im really noticing a difference in the last few weeks. but ive been basically doing the same as you and alternating between protein and moisture each time i wash my hair, going to try the half head next time i get my hair done and see if that makes a difference. cant wait to see what really works for you so that i can use it too 🙂 love your videos by the way <3

  10. Hiii, just wanted to say i love your videos and always watch them. I am a hairdresser in derby and i do actually do hair extensions in the salon i work at. I had a client in exactly the same situation as you, breakage from over processing with colour etc, i ended up doing boned hair extensions on her and she loved them! Her hair grew alot with the extensions in and we are now at a point where she can have added length as well as volume. Im not going to lie and say they arent damaging to your hair because they are if they arent looked after properly, but with the right care and products they will do minimal damage if any. I would defiantly go and have a consultation with the salon and see what they have to say. I always have a really good relationship with my hair extension clients so i try and get them back every few weeks just to check the extensions and see how they are getting on with them. I hope this helps alittle.

  11. I have had bonded extenstions twice and i loved them! If you really take care of them then your hair will be fine. I didn't have any breakage or damage from either time having them in. I have naturally fine hair aswell and the bonds were not visible at all, I suppose it depends how good the stylist is though. I think you should definitely give them a go, the worst that could happen is that you have to remove them.

  12. OGX coconut milk serum. It's really helped my breakage. I tried redken I think the OGX is way better and cheaper. I use it on damp or dry hair, it's definitely worked wonders. Mine was broke all through atm it's now just at the front. Also I've purchased the OGX biotin serum now. Also I was reading about hair loss, and how you could be low in ferritin, and blood tests might not pick up on it, I've purchased ferroglobin (sp?) it's a liquid, to see if that improves my hair. Glad your doing these vlogs though.

  13. You could shave your head and be adorable! All I can tell ya is my hair didn't grow until I stopped cutting it..not even a trim. I used Castor oil a few times a week…rubbed right into the scalp…add some olive oil to help it rub in better. massaged my scalp with it in and then left it in…if I had nothing going on I would leave it in a couple days!! My hair was so thin and damaged but now it's long and not all that damaged (I still color it so there ya go )I would recommend the clip-ins for the days you really NEED more hair…I still crave fuller hair at times…so I pop in some clip-ins and after wearing them a few hours I'm happy to take em' out and massage my! Girl I know the struggle cuz I have been there! Hey…If ya want extensions get em' ya can always take em' out if ya change your mind right?!! Lots of love…Cheers!xo

  14. I see a lot of comments saying no to the extensions, but if you did set up a consultation with a reputable salon, they will be honest with you as to whether you should get them or not. I am a hairstylist and have tried many different types of hair extensions. I went through some damage starting a year ago. I color/bleach(lighten) my own hair and had overlapping, which caused damage. I have not used lightener on my hair since April and have been trying out different hair extensions since May. I will be honest in saying the fusion/bonded extensions I tried for only 4 weeks did do some slight damage my hair, but nothing too excessive because I did put them in as well as took them out correctly. After that, I switched over to Hot Head tape in hair extensions and have been very impressed. I have bought 2 different sets and have noticed my hair growing and becoming so much healthier. They are also very light weight, even compared to other tape in brands I have tried. I believe you have tried the tape-ins though? I just like them much better than the fusion/bonded. Those tend to hurt my head, especially when laying down, and do not feel as natural as the tape-ins. Again, that is just my opinion and personal experience! The damage from extensions usually is caused from improper application or removal. Even though you did ask for opinions ,it ultimately is your decision in what you choose to do! 🙂

  15. If I was you I would definitely book in for a consultation for the hair extensions, just to know if it's definitely what you want. From experience the pricing varies, here in Scotland a full head it about £600 and a half head about £400 , you will also need to get the 'put up' ( meaning the bonds are pushed up, and any bonds that have fallen out will need to be out back in) ( also make sure if any bonds do fall out, to keep them safe as when you go back to get the maintenance or to be 'out up' they can put them back in) , these are about £40 and you need then every 4-6 weeks. I would say to shop around, go to a couple of places ask about pricing and hair types. The hair type will also alter the cost, like synthetic hair is less expensive that real remi or Indian hair. The cost will also be varied by the length of hair, obviously for you it's the volume and thickness that are your main focus. Personally I think it is great for damaged hair and can last up to a year with good

  16. I would avoid the extensions. They will show through the thinner areas and probably cause more breakage. I'd stick with what you are doing and be patient, hard to do. Or like others have said, you could go with a cute pixi cut and let it all grow out from there. You are lovely and would look great with shorter hair! Beware that any consultation with someone that does extensions may be biased. I hope they would do the right thing for you! ~Wendy

  17. Hi, I had awful hair loss after each of my pregnancies. I was advised by my hairdresser to try Nioxin products. I am sure they were originally developed for people who lost their hair due to cancer and the likes. it's a tad expensive but it's soooooo soooo worth it. Within 1 month the difference in the length of hair and the thickness. I couldn't stop looking at my hair in the mirror. lol. Xxxx

  18. Have you ever heard of olaplex this stuff looks amazing here is a link to another youtuber i wanted to go blonde but being naturally dark i decided against it. I came across this lady here on youtube may be worth a search about to see if any salons here use olaplex? Watch her videos she is amazing and the system she uses is amazing

  19. no hate! But I genuinely think the blonde makes your hair look worse than it is – there's no shine and looks dull which can make any hair look worse regardless of the overall condition or thickness. When my colour is dull and i just get a recolour (no cut) my hair look 100% better and healthier. I know you don't want to go dark, but even as close as possible to your natural hair colour and get it dyed, the appearance will look healthier.Extensions overtime will damage your hair. I agree with alot of the comments here that it would be best if you left your hair alone. The damage is done unfortunately 🙁 Over a year ago i suffered from alopecia and fortunately when the bald patches did start to grow back my hair was overall uneven (i had shoulder length hair originally) and those bits that grew back made my hair look thinner at parts and just looked awful – but i didn't want to lose my length, however, once i cut my hair shorter to even the hair out, my hair looked and felt fantastic and has grown out evenly now. you have the face for a short pixi crop – maybe like frankie from the saturdays? a darker colour and a short hairstyle will look incredible on you and will sort the majority of the problems you are having right now. When my hair was thin i tried everything – but at the end of the day i was just continuing to damage the hair that was long and existing/healthy which then in the long run was making it worse overall. Its so traumatic to lose hair as a woman but we can mask it with treatments, extensions etc but really its just prolonging the process 🙁 I can sympathise you do not want to go dark, but maybe going darker will in the long term be better for the overall quality and quantity of hair <3 x

  20. Console yourself with the fact that a lot of it has broken off (yeah, not that consoling in and of itself – I know) and that that is why it's thin now. Trust me, it will grow back! And when it's that short, it doesn't take that long. In about 6 months things should be drastically improved! 😀

  21. It's so strange we both go to the same hair dresser, same colour, everything and I'm in the exact same position, only my hair is longer and I haven't highlighted it for months and months, my roots are to my ears almost now and I am tempted to get highlights yes but I know it'll drop out so for now I am getting regular root drags to try and blend the roots slightly because I have warm roots and ashy blonde! I feel disgusting but honestly my new hair is SO shiny and amazing I'm trying to stick with it and I really do suggest the same for you. Don't get extensions on your already really short thin hair, I think you'll regret it! Feel your pain the tufty bits, I feel like a cockatoo at times and it's hard when girls have gorgeous hair and I feel like a bit of a tramp lol.

  22. Once I stopped faffing with my hair it started to grow. I used the loreal strengthening spray and scalp massages and my hair now grows so fast it's costing me a fortune in cuts and root touch ups lol. I wash it once a week, sometimes sooner if I have a need for my hair to look nice sometimes longer if I can get away with staying home with it in a bun lol. I completely stopped using all heat, most styling products and stopped over brushing

  23. I had a similar problem when I decided I wanted to go from black hair to blonde hair. Not knowing what I know now, I absolutely wrecked my hair! I have always had long thick hair, and it went so thin and was very uneven due to breakage. I used a mayonnaise treatment twice weekly (you can get them online or cheaper from ethnic hair shops) or just mayonnaise if I ran out! I however, felt the same and I wanted thick long hair again so I went for micro ring and then bonded extensions. To be honest, this made things worse. My hair was already weak and the weight and tangles meant that when the extensions came out my hair was even thinner. The only plus for me was because I'm very self conscious I managed to get a bit of length back to pull around my face. I was back to square one again doing everything you're doing now to build it back up again though X

  24. Would you ever go for a dark colour to help with the nourishment until it's at a better length for you? It helped me loads. I was bleach blonde for a while and it was just ruining my hair, so I've gone back to a dark colour and I've had no problems since… Xx

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