Ben Fuchs – The Body Is A Healing System | A Lecture On Biochemistry & Health

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Ben Fuchs delivering an awesome lecture on health, nutrition, biochemistry and how the human body is a magnificent healing system.

Ben is a nutritional pharmacist from Boulder Colorado. He specializes in using nutritional supplements where other healthcare practitioners use toxic pharmaceutical drugs. That’s because he looks at the human body as a healing and regenerating system, designed divinely to heal and renew itself on a moment to moment basis. But it needs the raw materials to do its work. The raw materials we call nutrition and nutritional supplementation.

Ben Fuchs is a very well informed and dynamic speaker. He teaches the use of vitamins and minerals in a way anyone can comprehend. The human body is amazing. The potential to be strong and healthy, given the raw materials to do so.

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  1. LOL my son's classmates all call me a Hippie šŸ™‚ I am so natural on everything, never been at the doctor after going thru so many nasty illnesses and I got cured just by going vegan and exercise: sciatica, chronic constipation, high blood pressure over 200's for 2 decades, cancerous cells, damaged organs, heart enlargement, hormone imbalance, bones pains, severed daily migraines, body and face deformities due to excess of fat, premature aging, and lots lots lots MORE!!! ALL CURE NATURALLY, NO MEDS OF ANY KIND and I haven't taken anything even from over the counter, no pain killers, no vitamins, no supplements for the last 3 years. People say I look younger at least 10 years from my age but I am not the only one!!! I put my husband thru the same healthy lifestyle and we both look and feel amazing!!!! and our backgrounds and race are totally different, so eating the right foods (UNPROCESSED) ALL Natural foods heals and rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL AND GO HEALTHY VEGAN!!!

  2. I didn't hear what he said really what we should take? Didn't understand. Is their anything that you can recommend we should take to help our cells? Food isn't all he said.

  3. we did it! we got my aunt's diabetes tamed and under control, and in the verge of being annihilated. I know my aunty, she is a changed woman.. Ben Fuchs !! Doc wallach , youngevity , and dr. Glidden. thank you

  4. We go into medicine with two things.

    1. God.
    2. Spiritual.

    And then some nonsense about where the healing takes place. I would like to know how he knows healing is spiritual, I mean, evidence for spirits for example?

    I didn't turn this video off because I wanted to know how much more garbage this man talks.

  5. Much respect Dismantle The Matrix. You have a good channel. I am into Archontherapy. Archons are governing conscious agents. The cells in our body are conscious agents and we have a relationship with them. See psychoneurobiology. We are the rulers and governors of our body but we are also ruled and governed by our countries federal government. What an archon is a ruler that is antithetical to the body of the ruled. Slavery is antithetical to the free man. Within us it is our thoughts beliefs and judgments that dictate our behavior and this is exactly like the laws and rules that government demands we the people suffer under. Yes ? Government is built up on the same model of collective conscious agents as our very mind will and body. When you have hours of Michael Tsarion, Max Lagan and Mark Passio along with many others all talking about the mean deceiving manipulating rulers and plotters that are polluting our minds bodies and souls, then wonder why nobody is making any move to do something about it but talk.It is because of the archon conscious agents are within us AS us. As Ben Fuchs says about parasites at the end of this video, The difference between the focal point (parasites) in the video and ( archons ) with the anti matrix guys, and the terrane. We the humans are the terrane FOR the archon parasitic conscious agents we call government. We are the fertile terrain for the archons in business and medicine and religions. So the internal terrain within us must change to ever see on outer reflection of the end of pain and the return on life loving life. Every conscious agent from the atom to the ends of the universe are entangled and linked.

  6. At 1:50 min into a video, he's talking about getting off the insulin through diet and nutrition. My mother (age 67) did that. She off the insulin now and her diabetes is in remission. It is possible.Ā 

  7. What's the full name of the guy he keeps talking about in the beginning dr. Wallen? I want to look up his family books he was talking about

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