What I Eat In A Day for FAT LOSS | Easy & HEALTHY!

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I can’t remember the last time I filmed a What I Ate Today video! I hope loads of you find this useful. 🙂 Enjoy, xoxo.
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  1. I love your videos! i can relate to you so much as i have anxiety too, have been through depression in the past & suffer from negative body image,low self esteem & no confidence.i recently broke up with my fiance who was abusive & i have suffered abuse for 15 years from different partners.im finally getting back to me & i found that fitness & my healthy vegan eating helped me through the last few months. i love your energy & outlook on life & the fact that you arent afraid to speak about real topics.you are doing so well & only good things will come your way girl ♡♡

  2. To anyone wanting to lose 2 weight without having to think about, calculate or worry about what you are eating, just run 6 days a week! Simple. I'm tall, lean and a ripped stud of a thoroughbred.

  3. I have been so obsessed with you lately! Thank you for sharing these type of videos! I really appreciate your genuine willingness to help others out! Keep up the hard work chica, you look amazing

  4. Girl Jazmine, get it!! i'm kind of a new subscriber and im diggin' your videos!! I'm def gonna follow you!! also, i am the type of person to skip the two breads as well! you are not alone! hahaha

  5. I definitely have the same experiences with fasting vs eating throughout the day; the more small/healthy meals I have throughout the day the more I get cravings and feel like I’m more tempted. When I fast, I feel so full from what I eat during that time that there isn’t a lot of desire to eat extra stuff!

  6. Can you explain the 8 hour window? I assumed it meant you could only eat 2x only. Like if you broke your fast at 12pm.. your next meal should be at 8pm. That's what I was doing. Is that wrong?

  7. Its so funny how people just threw in the word 'chai' trending from starbucks…chai means tea in Hindi so when I see chai tea, chai latte, I am like what are we doing?! Its so funny.

    You were so cute in this video Jaz! I wish I could meet you in person, come to Houston, TX lol!

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