Uric Acid Diet Plan | Diet Chart For Uric Acid Patient

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Uric Acid Diet Plan | Diet To Control Uric Acid | Gout Treatment | Full Day Diet Chart For Uric Acid Patients | How to Avoid Gout Attack | Diet Plan For Gout | Treat Gout | Cure Gout | Diet Chart For Uric Acid Levels | Control High Uric Acid Levels | Diet For Joint Pains | #uricacid #Uricaciddiet #goutdiet #gouttreatment #jointpainsremedy

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Uric Acid Foods To Eat / Avoid :

Apple Cider Vinegar :
Pineapple Drink/ Juice :
Methi / Fenugreek Sprouts :
Oats Buttermilk :
Oatmeal :
Quinoa Oatmeal :
Matcha Oatmeal :
Masala Oats :
Masala Oats with Spice Mix :
Coffee For Weight Loss :
Green Tea :
How To Make Yogurt At Home :
Stevia – Best Sugar Substitute :
How Much Water To Drink :

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Apple Cider Vinegar “ACV with the Mother”

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Super Weight Loss Roti – Series
Oats Roti –
Sweet Potato Roti –
Peanut Roti –
Broccoli Roti –
Chia Roti –
Basil Roti –
Rye Roti –

Papaya For Weight Loss :
Matcha Green Tea –
Green Coffee :
Ceremonial Matcha –
Chia Seeds For Weight Loss –
Basil Seeds For Weight Loss –
Chia VS Basil –
Spirulina for Weight Loss –
Hemp Seeds For Weight Loss –
Flaxseed For Weight Loss –
Flaxseed Water For Weight Loss –
Who should Avoid Flaxseed –

Milk For Weight Loss :
Goat Milk :
Camel Milk:
Hemp Milk :

Special Meal Plan / Diet Plan For Weight Loss
Post Pregnancy Diet :
Working People Diet Plan :
Thyroid Diet Plan :
Hair Meal Plan :
Military Diet Plan :
PCOD/PCOS Diet Plan :
Intermittent Full Day Diet :


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  1. Hi Vicky! I have Vitamin D deficiency. Is there any diet plan for me to loose weight as I recently gained 5 kgs because of low levels of Vitamin D. Also I followed your egg diet before my marriage and I lost 7kgs then. Please help me as I tried a lot of things and failed to achieve health goals.

  2. Hi babes (Vicky)
    Thnk u so much baby for ur diet
    God bless u .
    Baby wt do u think should I go on complete boiled veg
    1 to loose weight
    2 for the rest of my problems like
    Kidney stone
    Will eating boil veg will help me.

  3. Nice and Thank you..
    How many days we can follow ? Can we follow ur egg diet plan after this coz its will reduce uric acids so after this can we follow that plan for a week?

  4. Hi Vicky,
    I always appreciate ur videos and subscribed both ur channels. Followed some deits also and loose 10kg already with help of it. I want to loose 10 more in short tym as I m heading for marriage on last week of Feb. Plz help and suggest best diet to follow which help me to loose weight as well as improve my skin glow

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