Salman Khan’s Secret Diet & Workout Schedule Revealed For Race 3

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  1. Fake information dont belive in this he use to do this diet when he was young and to gain muscle yes he was the first actor to bring steroids in film industry and even motivate ppl for making physic he is even a very hard hitter in gym he workout a lot even now his diet now is compelety diffrent as per his age how do i know about him this much bcoz i train him.

  2. Unfortunately as he’s aged he’s become like Arnold Schwarzenegger where you look fat now. Salman wide girth and even wider shoulders makes you look fat. He needs to lean out to regain his boyish look

  3. Kuch vi yaar..isse zyada tagra diet to mera he..aur diet insaan ka chenge hota rehta he cutting aur bulking ke karan…aur pre workout drink mein protien shake kon leta hein bc..aur push up crunches kya laga rakkha hai..behenchod public to jayse ullu hai..

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