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  1. I cannot even believe you're 49! I'm turning 40 this year and I just started using oils. I can't believe how much better my skin looks. I wish I would have started earlier!

  2. It's not like you need any advice because obviously being 48 (or 49?) and looking 30 you're doing something right. However I've learned so much from the advice of others that I like to leave a few comments on what works great for me. I use banilla co clean it zero for my first cleanse. Using dry (and clean) hands I apply a small amount to my dry face. I gently rub it including right over my eyes. No harsh rubbing or tugging. This step is especially important if you wear sunscreen to make sure it's removed completely. I add water and the cleanser turns milky. I rinse it off. I then use a water based cleanser to make sure all the makeup and oil is removed. I pat the remaining water into my face until it's dry (I never use a towel). If I wore tons of makeup I will use a toner to make sure there's no makeup remaining. With this method I have never had makeup remaining but I do it anyway because the last thing I want is any residue interfering with my products. I always pat all my products in (exfoliating toner, moisturizing toner, essence, serums, lotions etc). In the morning I'll either rinse with water or use a gentle ph balancing cleanser. My products differ daily depending on what my skin is doing and what I'm trying to treat. Before using this two step cleansing method I would rub with a makeup wipe and end up using so many cotton pads with toner because my makeup never fully came off. Oh I was so rough on my eyes. This was a major game changer for me so that's why I like to share. So simple, gentle, but so very effective. You are so sweet and just a pleasure to watch. Now I need to catch up on your other videos. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Lisa, I'm a new viewer and I think you seem like a really lovely person and you look amazing. Really happy I discovered your channel 🙂 I saw in one of your videos you had links to tretinoin, can I ask if you have ever used it yourself and for how long?

  4. Hello Lisa, you have such beautiful skin! Since you take care of it so well and surely have great knowledge, what should i use on my 21 y/o skin? I feel like the teen products are too drying and not rich enough but the products catered to "adult" skin is often too heavy for me… I have combination to normal skin, a few mimic lines on my forehead and redness around my nose. Oh and get hormonal pimples once a month 🙂 I'm open for all tips you may have! xoxo

  5. I just finished watching a video that you make your own oils, and thought you would do the same here. Obviously you don't. I would rather put products on this 63 year old face that are homemade

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