FROZEN Foods AS A Fat Loss Support

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Just one of the major property to my success shedding weight has been acquiring Lean Cuisines and other frozen foods stocked in my freezer. They are really not as poor as you presume they are. Look at it outtttttt.

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  1. I lost 100 pounds of weight I gained from my 5th child!! I also ate ramen I added cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs and chicken it's filling and I'm good for like 5 hours and I also love 0calorie miracle noodles I make my own soups with it and stuffed my face and didn't really eat very many calories!! Love this video people are stupid lol

  2. Omg I'm subscribing just because of this video. I've been thinking this forever! Especially coming from what foods I was eating prior, these Lean cuisines are 10x better salt and all. I probably ate way more salt, fat etc before having a lean cuisine so it definitely does help a lot! Thanks for posting this.

  3. You raise great points! Also, I think people forget that sodium is an essential nutrient. We HAVE to have it in order to live! I love frozen meals too, especially the Amy’s ones. They’re kind of pricey, but they’re cheaper than takeout, have good protein and fiber, and taste great.

  4. I love to cook, but I don't when I am dieting. I cook without recipes and like that freedom. However, on a diet, I hate to weigh and measure and use diet substitutes. If I have to do that, I'd honestly rather just eat Heinz Weight Watcher meals and be done with it. Been doing that for ages now and have lost 41 pounds without changing anything except my evening meal. I know exactly what you mean about the variety you get. I am also a chronic overeater. No leftovers either to tempt me!  🙂

  5. Personally, I understand that people come in thinking that a lot of microwaved frozen food is bad for you because of either sodium or some radiation paranoia BUT I think that nowadays there are sooo many healthier frozen food options for people to choose from.
    Brands like Evol, Luvo, Smartmade and others make better meals that consider calories, sodium, preservatives and whether it's organic or non gmo.
    If I'm gonna use frozen foods to help me lose weight, I'd prefer investing in the higher quality food! It just makes sense.
    They use whole fresh ingredients and even give you oven directions so you can avoid the microwave.
    I have an overeating problem too and hate leftovers so I don't meal prep. I probably ate a majority of high quality frozen food for a week or two a few months ago and lost about 10 lbs in that time. I was eating about 1,300-1,500 calories a day between 4-5 meals , 5 days a week.
    I think it's finding a balance. I'm still trying to get there too lol.
    Gonna try this out again!

  6. A buddy advised me to look for for the diet “sowo hope site” on Google. It has given wonderful results to its users and worked incredibly well for me. In a week, I’ve already dropped 12 lbs.

  7. Great video! I am going to try intermittent fasting, but eat a frozen meal for dinner. I HATE cooking and I don't see why this would not work. I can add some salad mix in it and make it more filling. I'm hoping this works for me. I have 140 to lose!!! Keto did not work for me, so I really hope this does.

  8. PREACH! Ive been trying so many diets and they're either too expensive, restricting or they just make me feel miserable and unmotivated. With frozen meals you can switch it up and theres so many options! just steam some vegetables with it and have a low calorie snack an hour afterwards and you feel so full and satisfied

  9. People talk shit about the sodium in lean cuisines, but then they turn around and pay $250 a month for Nutrisystem which is mainly frozen food that tastes like cardboard and sadness. My husband signed us up for that a while back and it was immediately canceled LMAO

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