Producing Vegetarian Foodstuff That Meat Lovers Will Enjoy!?!

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Look at out Rawvana’s glorious channel and our collab making vegan Thai meals below:

And for a more in-depth conversation you can listen to my podcast:

Also examine out Rawvana’s channel in Spanish:

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  1. Josh dude I love you we all do. But you absolutely have to stop waving your pointer finger around in the air cause it makes you look like a total douchebag

  2. My boyfriend and I are gonna make this for his mom when she comes over. I'm a vegetarian but she isn't and every time I go to her house I can tell she has no idea what to make without meat.

  3. What was this spice that you add to your soup? Its realy hard to understand for me, im not a native english speaking person 😀 The Rest of the Video was easy to understand. Great Stuff !

  4. Still don't buy the line of how you can get all the nutrients you need from a pure plant-based diet vs a diet that includes meat. For as many studies that show you can, there are just as many that say that you can't.

  5. The people who complain about vegan food are the ones who have had plain tofu or "meat substitutes" 10 years ago, or a shit brand. That is the same as eating an unseasoned chicken breast then assuming that every way to eat chicken tastes like shit.

  6. i make ceviche with ,tomato's ,bell peppers and others, jalapenos ,onions ,cilantro and tons of limes! add lots of chopped (cube) avocado at end,reminds me of shrimp/fish texture,you wont miss it .

  7. Why dont the bros take the show seriously anymore? For like a year theyve been high off their asses making the same video over and over. I want to see them pressing boundaries and learning new things again. Isnt there anything in the works?? It would be cool if they went back to the basic traditional food and just sought perfection without compromise. For about a year now, this channel is moving in a negative and always indetermined direction with crap recipes that most people dont care to try. Whats the point?

  8. Being vegan isn't healthy. Nature made flesh and plants. Even carnivores eat plants at times, all these humans drinking "raw water" (untreated, filthy water that poor people in poor nations drink for free), and veganism… You're choosing a persona. You're not doing this for ypurself, because if you cared for yourself you would've not abused the food you ate from day one and realized you have one life, one body. Be an omnivor. People get cancer and sick because they eat too much meat or junk, same applies to veggies. Keep up the good work BEG! It's the viewers asking these infuriating questions

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