Nutritious (Nutrient) Rich and Wise: Eating plan for Nutritious Ageing – Exploration on Ageing

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(Take a look at: The Dietary Guidelines for People in america emphasize consuming much more foodstuff from plants, these types of as veggies and beans, total grains, and nuts. Master much more about wellness rewards of selecting a diet plan hefty in fruits and veggies from Katherine Richman, MD, Clinical Director of Thornton Radiology and Medical Professor of Radiology at the UC San Diego Faculty of Medication. Series: “Stein Institute for Exploration on Ageing” [10/2015] [Wellness and Medication] [Exhibit ID: 29305]


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  1. The thing about commercials here is that the Liberals cram their lies down your throat and you are not allowed to respond, but I’m going to anyway. The Libs who destroyed Ontario’s economy to the ground are already trashing Doug Ford before he even had a chance to do anything.

    This researched article is written by Holistic Chef Barry Anderson from his Garden Villa Thai Nature Residence & Day Spa located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand .

    Holistic Chef Barry does have the book the “China Study “ authored by T. COLIN CAMBELL, PHD AND THOMAS M. CAMPBELL 11 MD and will read study research the content of the book and do a review some time later .

    Notes : Aflatoxin a fungus found in peanuts for example is the most carcinogenic substance known to man can be debatable because other sources say that the chemical named “DIOXIN” used to make all things white in color such as toilet paper is the most carcinogenic substance on the face of this good earth . And then the FDA Food and Drug Administration sorry correction warranted or the “ Fraud and Death Administration “ that takes millions or should I say billions of dollars from the Drug Industry to patent and allow thousands of chemicals all carcinogenic causing cancer in humans to be allowed into our western SAD Standard American Diet food supply at an alarming rate .
    The FDA is totally clueless about the multiple intake of drugs working together in a synergy affect inside the human body and this negative cause and effect is also occuring in the SAD Diet that is 80 percent GMO Genetically Modified Organisms that has been deemed by WHO the World Health Organization as a possible human carcinogen . But the state of California USA is now calling Monsanto's round up ready glyphosate as a human carcinogen .

    Today you can look at any individual food or any food group in two ways for example .

    Lets say Blue Berry Many websites rave about this nutrient dense fruit and all the health benefits of consuming lots of blueberries recommended every day but did you know that all berries in this food group are one of the most chemically sprayed and treated of all the food groups? The chemicals used on the berries are indeed carcinogenic . So we must look at how our food is produced and not just at the food itself .

    Unquestionably real nutrition clean and safe is derived directly from the TOP SOIL .
    And this is where it all starts . This fact alone no matter what food a person is eating will make or break their health and nutritional status . Our food is like a “SPONGE” in the way it works . Systemically the food plant is absorbing everything good and bad or mineral rich or chemically toxic up and through the plants root system surrounded by what ever the soil contains and into the stems leaves flowers and at last the edible vegetable ,fruit ,seed ,or nut appears . The GMO and Modern Factory Farming Agricultural industries already knows this fact and how nature works. But working with nature is not profitable for these industries and they are money driven only .

    For example they perform mono cropping of planting one crop only in one large area of space with loads of chemical fertilizers and toxic sprays to wage war on the insect population that is part of nature and serves a very valuable purpose in life and the biodiversity of the soil is destroyed decimated and lacking in mineral nutrients that number close to 100 essentials for life to support the human immune system that needs this this support but it is not there and not provided . So eventually we are over fed and under nourished and disease sets in and cancer proliferates through out the human body metastasis or in most cases is simply contained into a benign tumor of which all humans including our pets have.

    But the problem today is that these foods are toxic if the soil is toxic with chemicals and most of the western soils are today . So it is not the food in itself as they are only messengers and vessel containers of what the soil provides in the first place .

    The other problem is our foods are picked way to early and not allowed to ripen on the vine and then held in storage and transportation for weeks or even months with unrecorded industry practices of chemically dousing spraying gassing or and application of radiation to prevent spoiling so even though the produce in your hand before eating may look normal to your eyes mind . In reality this food in your hand contains poisons that you cannot see or taste but systemically the food in your hand contains it and it cannot be washed off or pealed away either . This is a nutritional myth thinking that a person can wash and rinse the toxins away . I do not know where this nonsense started from or who did it but I suspect it came from our modern day food suppliers to down play the seriousness of our food supply today .

    Unquestionably today most all of us are literally at the mercy of our modern day food suppliers whole sale and retail simply because we do not grow our own foods any more like what our forefathers have been doing for centuries .They saved their seeds and amended their top soils organically and used rain water only to feed their diversified crops with out need or use of the chemical fluoride . Those days are long gone .

    “So in retrospect one can say if the soil is poisoned and contaminated with chemical toxins then the food itself no matter what it is or looks like is also contaminated with chemical toxins and poisons as well.And there is no denial of this fact of life as nature works this way “

    So even today why is it that certain communities of people when studied by science research are recorded to live much longer with good health and happiness and having less money as well are in average living 10 to 20 years more and longer in good health than the general world population? This disturbing trend is now and has been in place for some time now as large populations are giving up there indigenous traditional life style and eating habits . They are now living on a Western American Diet SAD that is now becoming a world wide phenomenon. All western style cancer clinics are now popping up everywhere in these populated areas for doing brisk business not to cure anything but to simply exploit and profit off the human population with a cancer industry cure rate of only 2 percent in window of only 5 years to make their cooked books look good in the public eye.

    We have covered the social political and diseased nature of the problem . So now what is the solution to this problem according to the researched opinion of the Good Earth Chef Barry Anderson ?

    The solution to this complex problem is to simply live as close as you can to MOTHER NATURE as you can in all respects.
    For most people many cannot and will not attempt to do this . And they will resist and make any excuse to live more into a plastic world of brand names with a modern world of convenience .As this is a direct threat to their comfort zone and preconceptions and beliefs .

    Then for the few individuals that are becoming aware of the problem and finding the time and means to make this wonderful experience of change over to “MOTHER NATURE “ away from the dark side then these people will have some hope for their weight loss ,extension of their life , the departure of their drugs , and the living of a pain free LIFE with more Happiness in their lives .
    All done in baby steps starting with education of awareness and planning ones individual path journey to living close to nature in every respect. With respect and with LOVE unconditional Love for all humanity and life . This purpose and way of life is of course for the next article to be written by the good earth chef Barry Anderson on how to do it ? And how to get started ? And what to expect from this journey ? What are the health and life style benefits of this planned journey and so on ? Thank You for giving your time in reading my article and post .

    “Your Good Earth Chef and Friend 4 LIFE Holistic Chef Barry Anderson “

  3. Never heard about the cheese being associated with any brain transmitters but Gaba. Also have heard about MSG being treated to produce Glutamate another brain chemical. I suppose that attending a lecture that quotes multiple sources could not perhaps express one simple conclusion. I enjoyed the biology and chemistry of the raw data honed for a specific purpose 'limiting certain food sources to less overwhelming level'. Concentrating on the yes or no is not the purpose of the arguement. But eating a wide variety of goods getting into the diet. All or none, not in this discussion. Moderation of only one type of protein, the studies point conclusion was the benefit of inclusion of different foods, not abolition of any one food group, just multiple sources please.

  4. Thank u for this. This supports what I've been doing for the past 4 yrs. Cholesterol dropped, no hbp, no diabetes, all of which are common in my family. Any yet, with all the improvements in my health, I can't convince my family to change the way they eat!

  5. This is very convincing. Unless u have a death wish, change the way u eat. I don't care about living longer, just better. And I definitely don't want to live my life lining the silk pockets of md's and pharmaceutical companies.

  6. This runs contrary to our diet before the 1800's… When animals and Plants were our primary source of food. Something happened recently to degrade our health and I'm willing to bet my life it was something that we weren't eating much of back then.
    Cough* Cough* Sugar. Cough* Cough*

  7. You dont have to be vegan to achieve lower cholesterol. I was vegetarian and had excellent cholesterol.

    This is pretty biased. It should go without saying that in terms of human health, theres a LOT more to consider than just cancer.

  8. Funny how they ignore athletes that benefit from keto, or Paleo. And I have tested myself. I've been vegan three times, twice raw. I became nutrient deficient each and every time. And i took all the correct supplements. People are different. Not all benefit from the same foods. Eskimos have never included plants in their diet and they were healthy. Neither have the Masai. This study also completely ignored inflammation and continues to push the debunked lipid hypothesis. The Blue Zones support lots of plant foods but they are NOT vegan. So get a clue. The casein here was no doubt pasteurized. That's bad for almost everyone, for example. But what's in casein/milk? ILGF-1. They don't even talk about that. I could go on but basically it's not as simple as this makes it seem. We aren't all going to thrive as vegans.

  9. Critics of Campbell ignore his answers to ill-informed non-scientific simplistic "critics." DUH. SERIOUS truth-seekers should start considering well over 3,778 Five Star Amazon reader reviews. DUH. Also virtually all top endurance athletes are vegan. DUH. Perfunctory mere conclusions do NOT an argument make. I am surprised to see so many ignorance-based reviews here. Gerhardt Steinke, Global Justice Search Follow me on Facebook.

  10. What a poor science. Not a single mention of animal protein sources other than casein. They found corelation between casein and tumor growth and said "hey, all animal protein promotes tumor growth". Whey, fish, meats of various land animals all have different compositions of amino acids, not to mention all of the other types of biomolecules.

  11. Onions are bad !!! all animals product !!! SOY GMO's !!! what else: the air we breathe the water we drink full of yummy fluoride !!! The constant microwave frequencies from wi-fi !!! The forced statins for cholesterol over 180 !!! Insulin anyone !!! for real what about the stress of being a smoker who wants to quit (I have like 6-8 a day ) The stress of not having will cause cortisol to go up !!! Anything wrong with vaping cannabis ? I recommend hemp leaves with every meal !!!

  12. Methionine sources : sunflower seed butter and sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, Brazil nuts, oats, seaweed, wheat, figs, whole grain rice, beans, legumes, onions, cacao, and raisins.

  13. So, are egg whites and fish considered a "bad" or animal-based protein? More important, how is a plant-based diet safe in light of the current research on lectins and leaky gut? I do agree, however, that animal meat consumption, particularly red, should be kept to a minimum.

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