Foodstuff Issues – Aspect 1 – 9am Show

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– Foodstuff Issues director James Colquhoun on Australian breakfast clearly show ‘9am with David & Kim’.


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  1. Hmmm this really makes me wonder if what you said is true or not. Because in the eastern and where I live, most ancestors survived all the way to 80s~100s compare to how many peoples dies nowadays due of pollution, injected diets such as fruits etc and injections.

    I think what we forgot is, that we all had natural ways of curing our self in the past. But now we're to caught up in technology, and doesn't know the way to heal our own self like we used to int he past.

  2. I love this video and everything said makes all the sense in the world. Our daughter is raised a vegetarian from birth and has NEVER been sick. She is vibrant, full of life and extremely strong. She chews Spirulina instead of candy and she loves it.

  3. I've seen the documentary and i totally agree with their statements. I've seen people healed from just changing their diet alone. Most drugs kill people, good nourishment is the key to good long life.

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