Plant Based Vegan Oil Cost-free Mayonnaise 3 Means (2018): Entire Food stuff Plant Based Recipes

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Below is a wholesome way to continue to have your mayo and try to eat it way too! These three Plant Based mayos are oil absolutely free, refined sugar absolutely free and super delightful. The first mayo recipe is even unwanted fat absolutely free, employing cauliflower as the foundation. Creamy and spreadable, any a single of these mayos would go good on your favorite sandwich or in some potato salad!


Onion Powder:



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  1. I agree about the cauliflower recipe. I'll have to try that with the chipotle recipe. Love them all but trying to avoid nuts for now. Great idea for sandwiches and potato salads. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. hi Jill! I would like to ask if you're using a mustard without oil and salt. I didn't find any without S O in stores…. Or is it ok to have there just a little bit of these two?

  3. I love this video, Jill, the cauliflower is so imaginative. And I've been looking for an alternative to my favorite vegan restaurant's mayo-based salad dressing. And that chipotle one will hit the spot!! Thank you for sharing this one. <3

  4. Could you please share where you got your stackable fruit baskets in the back? I need a way to manage all this fruit for a large nutritarian family.

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