Remain Healthful & Healthy for University: Breakfast and Lunch Concepts!

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  1. Guys this is NOT a scam! I did a week of healthy food and this was my day. I lost 37.9 pounds!

    Breakfast: Bowl of fruit
    Went for a 60 minute walk just to get ready
    Sat down for a minute and watch a few vids
    Lunch: salad with Greek yogurt
    After digesting for a few mins I did 50 crunches and 20 sit ups
    Went for a 10 minute walk with my dog
    Sat down and had some fruit
    An hour later I had dinner at 6:00
    I had organic chicken with salad and fruit
    Slept for 9 hours 😉
    Edit: this was a week off from school for thanksgiving

  2. this was awesome! I'm currently on a small diet… well not really a diet but trying harder to not eat bad food. and this really really helped! ( all tho nutella is not good for you because it's very fatning but great job on the video!

  3. Do u wanna know whats stupid tho.People want everyone to be healthy.But some people cant.Because healthy food is soooo much more expensive than unhealthy.So how?Its like 7 dollars for 8 gogart tubes that are healty.

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