Nutritious AFRO-CARRIBEAN Foods!

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EEEK It can be Finally Right here!!! The Very requested Nigerian /AfroCarribean meal prep!! I litterally ate a person of these though uploadin and daaamn I am so happy you guys asked for thiss haha. Nigerian foods is so balanced and soo so superior !!! Defs give it a consider! Allow me know what you think!! Appreciate YA’LL
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  1. I really needed this. Im Nigerian and Ghanaian and I eat SO much african food and in large quantities and when i'm not eating my favorite foods (fried plantain, rice and stew etc) I feel like I don't know what else to make. I'm really trying to be better at eating healthy and accommodating myself for what I like so that eating healthy doesn't feel like a CHORE. This was really helpful as Im trying to find ways to make Nigerian and Ghanaian food more healthy, and of course, portion control.

  2. Came across ur channel from Patricia and loving it! Pls are you able to do one for pregnant women and another for losing weight especially stomach after childbirth… don't mind doing a collabo etc. I have a channel for mothers and I really want to feature this so it will be nice to have someone who knows about it do it… will be glad if you grant the request. Thanks in advance

  3. This was so interesting. Last year I had Puerto Rican food for the first time and plantains were part of that. Mufongo is what my mother in law called it. It was delicious! I love your meal prep videos. You have a delightful personality that makes your videos a pleasure to watch. A couple of onion tips, 1) throw it in freezer for 10 minutes before cutting; 2) breath through your mouth while cutting. That should eliminate the tears. TFS!!

  4. thx sis for this video. when i saw the title that says Nigeria healthy food, i was already giving a thump up without having to see the video. lol. i wish to switch to brown rice, but i always problem cooking it cos it's coming out to be too hard, not soft enough and when i add more water to get it soft, its turn out to saggy and i can not stand saggy rice. pls any tip. another question is that can you please do another Nigerian healthy meal cos one can gt tired of just rice and beans eating everyday. i want to knw how one can mix up different healthy Nigeria meals like within a week. Thk u so much sis, sorry for this long comment

  5. I've heard it pronounced PlanTAIN (African) or PlainTIN (Caribbean), but this is the first time I've heard it being called PlanTEN lol but this video was SUPER helpful 🙂

  6. This is nice! I've done the rice before using parboiled rice,and basmati rice,never with brown rice,of which I should as I'm diabetic, it's so delicious. I love any beans but I never cooked it that way. Plantains are always a staple for my family,it's used in many Caribbean meals. I'm learning African meals for my curiosity and also to help my hubby feel close to home.
    *Side note; If you keep your onions refrigerated,it will cut down on the burning.
    This video was a lot of fun.

  7. Watched your healthy meal prep video yesterday and today iv actually gone out and bought containers and ingredients to start meal prepping! Really really enjoyed watching this, now iv got some more options to what meals I can prep! Im not Nigerian but ill have to try some of these out! Keep it up girl x

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