Knowledge On Nutrition: How to get and Lose excess weight-five healthful foods teams

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I just go over some simple concepts of nutrition science.
-Caloric surplus will help you get excess weight though a caloric defect will help you get rid of excess weight.
-Body weight loss or get is dependent on this simple concept not foods sorts.
-Take in the volume of electrical power you use daily and you continue to be the same excess weight.


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  1. We got off on the wrong foot, but I've talked to him a few times and he's actually a real nice kid. He is very bright and has some good content. He tries to simplify things which I like. Anyone who is genuine about helping people is ok with me.

  2. I only really worry about that if people are really active. Everyone responds differently so I like to keep it as basic as possible initially and move forward from there with calories. People burn X amount, but without being with someone it's hard to say exactly how much work they are doing at what rate.

  3. Yes you can do too much cardio, but I wouldn't worry about it unless you aren't eating enough and you are doing more than 2-4 hours a day. It really depends. My routine is all over the place. I just started doing cross fit so I'm currently trying to work that in with my own routine.

  4. Can you do much to much cardio? How much time should you spend in the gym? Hour weights, hour cardio, go home recover? Could I stay longer? What's your routine Sean?

  5. Any low carb diet will do that, especially if you are working out. Paleo diets are so drastic and don't always make sense. Best thing to do is use the basis of meats, veggies, fruits, eggs, nuts and water and you will keep your calories from carbs limited anyways…at least really calorie dense carbs.

  6. RMR would be maintenance. You can factor in exercise, though unless you are doing a lot of exercising or have a very particular goal weight/date then I don't worry about it too much.

  7. I get the logic behind it, but why are you using BMR to determine how much you need to add. If one adds exercise to their day, they use x kcal more. My question is, why don't you use maintenance as a baseline to add/retract 500kcal to gain/lose weight?

  8. If you don't go up after the first increase over the first week or two add another 100 calories for another week. Some people do take more especially depending on genetics, age, and activity level.

  9. Honestly the best thing to do if you are serious is be systematic. Once you find how many calories you can maintain your current weight at (by tracking) start to increase 200-300 calories a day above that for a week. The best bet would be to be patient and do it week to week. Most people get frustrated before they see the results. If you pay attention and track your calories the answer will find you. As times moves on though it will take more calories to maintain heavier weights.

  10. just wanted to get my cut over and done with ASAP, not planning going single figures again. maybes 15 to 10% already dropped 1.5" from waist in 10 days. From 15.5%bf to 12.3% its very extreme

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