Kora Organics Evaluation – My Sincere View!

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Hi men, I just desired to do a really sincere, unpaid overview on what I assumed of the items and it may possibly conserve you $two hundred!



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  1. Hi 🙂 I don't know if you still use this channel and if you'll ever see this but I'm going to ask you anyway. Have you tried Dr.Spiller? It's a really good brand for a reasonable price. My mom works with the brand and gets lots of positive feedback from her clients. I also use it myself and I'm absolutely lovin' it! I have naturally really dry skin and when I started using Dr. Spiller I got results within a week. As far as I know they have an organic line, if you prefer organic products. I've never tried KORA organics before, so I can't say anything about that but Dr. Spiller has been working really well for me.

  2. I really recommend an organic skincare range called Pai – their rosehip oil is 100% pure rosehip from the seed as well as the fruit. Kora's one is mixed with other oils, i think?! The Pai one is fantastic for hormonal acne (I have it too, so can verify!) Also, I tend not to wear makeup or foundation as it makes my skin look worse! But when I do, I use Vapour foundation, an organic makeup range that doesn't trigger or exacerbate the acne.

  3. If you use oil based moisturizers, you have to use oil based foundation. You could switch out for a water based moisturizer or switch to an oil based foundation. Since the skincare was more expensive, I'd recommend switching the makeup.

  4. Over here in Asia, we take collagen (in powder form mixed with drinks) to get really healthy glowing skin. Most skincare, even high-end brands wouldn't work for cystic acne and acne scars. Or they would, but really really slowly, so you'd spend thousands on them. Powdered collagen are quite cheap, about $20 for a month's use. And they work really fast and effectively from within, for the whole body not only face. Try a few brands like K-Colly, Meiji or Kinohimitsu. Hope this helps

  5. I have to agree, good product but terrible price point. Too expensive for the small amounts you get. 'Kora Rosehip Oil'-$49.00 for .51 fl. oz. I couldn't believe how small the product was for the price! (I won't be purchasing from the 'Kora' line again simply because of the price point per ounce). Via Amazon.com 'Organic Radha Oil' in a large, quality blue glass bottle at $21.59 and I love the way it makes my skin feel soft, supple and look fresh. I really wanted to love the 'Kora' line but there are way better deals/price points for organic skincare products out there. 

  6. Hey there Miss Hatty,
    Thank you for reviewing this, the only thing that sounds 100% safe (without my pedantic arse feeling like I've gotta google it) and beneficial is the Rosehip oil but even then you could probably get a bigger amount in another brand and possibly cheaper. Here's a novel but hopefully some of it is somewhat useful or helpful. Check out paulaschoice.com (the american site) and Veronica Gorgeois, these sites opened my eyes. Even the skincare in the salons aren't guaranteed to work either as not all brands are created equal, some are awesome and some are just a rip off. I love making masks out of ingredients in the kitchen! Seriously some work great!! but even then you've got to be careful.. for example, no sugar, citrus, salt or bi-carb soda on your face etc etc. I think maybe your moisturiser isn't working cause they probably needed to put some sort of chemical in it to stabilise it or something but cause they want it to stay completely organic they didn't. Not all chemicals are bad though as I said. I'm using the Swisse brand (from Coles) at the moment for a moisturiser and I like it cause it's not damaging my skin. I just got it to hydrate my skin basically, nothing fancy and it doesn't clump or curdle under my make up and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like some. I'd pay more for the extras however.. like vitamins.. BHAs or AHAs.. retinol ..etc etc..as long as they didn't have damaging crap in them.

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