WHAT I Consume IN A Day | Easy Meals & Snacks

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Full day of taking in! Wholesome and quick foods and treats with the macros to retain you on track and living a balanced life-style! xo

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one packet of acai
one/4c frozen blueberries
about 100g frozen banana
one/4 unsweetend almond milk

blend elements in food items processor
slowly include a lot more milk and/or protein powder until eventually mixture is at ideal regularity

major with your preferred toppings!

if you fifty percent the granola (one/2C) it can make the bowl
550 energy, twelve.6F, 98.1C, fourteen.3p

With 1C of granola…
760 energy, 18.6F, 129.1C, 24.3p


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  1. Thanks for the update Whit! Re: dog food, both Orijen and Acana are made by the same Canadian company, and they source all their ingredients locally. Orijen is slightly higher in protein than Acana is so if you notice them keeping their ahem 'winter weight', you should look in to Acana! (that's what my Chewie is on). I'm in the middle of a hardcore 'get back in to shape' mission, and your videos have helped me tremendously! Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  2. my goal in life is to become as happy and positive as you. You are an absolute inspiration to me, and so many others <3 thank you for being everything you are, and sharing your journey

  3. In Brazil, most açaí bowls have some guaraná syrup. You don’t need a lot of it, but it’s a game changer. Also, try to stick to only bananas and strawberries, that way you may not need any almond milk at all, only leave the the açaí puree out for a handful of minutes.

  4. I give my dogs wellness core grain free dog food and they love it but it’s a little expensive. I was going to try blue Buffalo but now I’m going to look into another brand. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. DAMN this is helpful!!! Seems like so much work to track macros but im in need to lose weight.

    Do you think with IF, I could start that in the summer? I teach full time and if i dont eat breakfast, I get dizzy. I want to do it but am scared to start it off while working.

    Thanks girl!

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