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Stop by and get you a teaching program!! Help your woman so I can carry on to place out bigger quality movies.

I am versatile dieting to get abs. I share a sweet potato recipe with you guys. Utilizing iffym to continue to be lean and get lean. The finest eating plan for abs.


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  1. Hey hun. I just subscribed to your channel! The sweet potato nachos caught my eye! But also I wanted to take the time to tell you that Jesus loves you, and i hope you have accepted him in your heart as your Lord and Savior and you believe in the true and living King. I no this has nothing to do with workouts but it was on my mind to share that with you. God loves you again Princess! Take care!

  2. I am only on my second video of yours and was so pumped… In a weird way… When you mentioned breaking out because of the nuts shrimp and strawberries…. iodine! I then got even more pumped when you were talking about reverse dieting. I am at 1400 to 1500 calories and can't seem to lose a thing.

  3. omg, you're so pretty! <3 but I am starting to get into Macros, and food control/meal planning and all that jazz, plus getting back on my feet as a single mom working graveyards. I don't have many items or doodads for this lifestyle/journey, so my question is what kind of things would be good to get first(from weightloss, the kitchen/measuring, electronics) ? I am a curvy/thick woman (208.1) @ 5"5' and well endowed >.<, my goal is to get down to the 140-145lb range and I know that's going to take time (a lot). also I went to the website you recommend to find out my personal macros, it also have a another number that idktf to do with haha "fiber: 32-32", what does that mean exactly? haha because I'm confused. lastly (I think) as I'm slowly losing the weight with build a good relationship with food and following my macros, and working out, what can I do to make sure my skin snaps back/retains its elasticity through this journey? haha I know I wear my weight well but I don't want to have saggy skin, im only 25! haha thank you for your time and help 🙂 -michale

  4. i barely found you. love your videos. i used to compete [but it did my body bad 🙁 ] and its nice to find someone who just wants to be healthy for life. xoxo

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