What I Try to eat In A Day | Speedy Go-To Foods At House (Vegetarian)

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This is a vlog about what I take in in a typical working day of lifetime, this working day is vegetarian. Exercise particulars down below!

** box squats – 3×10-twelve (escalating bodyweight each individual set)
** banded box squats 3×10 (using my @gracefituk bands hayyyyy)
** kettlebell swings 4×12-fifteen
** smith equipment static lunges, bodyweight underneath 3×12 every single leg
** smith equipment leg push, (fantastic for vary of motion specifically for short men and women who Leg push equipment are not created for!) 4×12-fifteen
** hamstring curls 4×10-twelve

Carrying Nikki B Time 2 X Gymshark and leggings previous school Lululemon. Sneakers have been Nike Absolutely free Flyknits (previous product)


➢ My web page – NikkiB Merch and so forth – www.nikkiblackketter.com

➢ Store Gymshark Girls & my unique gymshark site below! (It allows me when you use my backlink!) —

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➢Maximus Key Pineapple socks: www.featsocks.com/nikkib


♣ Heartrate Keep track of Observe I Use:
♣ Headphones I Use:


Cameras I use to file my vlogs:
♣ Everyday Self Vlogs (small camera):

Bigger high quality Vlog Digicam (Large DSLR camera):
♣ (sony)
♣ (canon!)
♣ ^^Key lens I use for the Sony camera:
♣^^ Key lens I use for the Canon camera:

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Nikki Blackketter
7095 Hollywood Blvd #907
Hollywood, CA 90028

My name is Nikki Blackketter! I stay in Los Angeles, California and a short human, a overall kid at coronary heart. I make (fairly) each day vlogs that are typically about fitness & bodyweight lifting exercises and adventures with my roommate, buddies, boyfriend, family members, and cat / feline companion. They demonstrate how I balance getting younger, owning pleasurable, and getting in a balanced relationship, with performing out and producing sure my food plan and health and fitness is on point to hold a awesome, toned figure.
Glute / booty & leg lifts are my specialty. 🙂
I also appreciate movie game titles, Video game of Thrones, Star Wars, and have some stormtrooper buddies. Will get quite wild over below, lol.
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  1. Try 'follow your heart' vegan cheese (they have shreds for melting and slices for sandwiches or w.e.). It is the BEST vegan cheese imo. Daiya can be like kinda gross/sticky when you eat it.

  2. That’s how we open our bananas! It’s easier if you pinch it first. They had bananas at my daughters school and they wouldn’t open the regular way and so my daughter was the hero and opened all the bananas like the monkeys haha

  3. Hi Nikki, I was watching some of your old vlogs omg you are so mature now!!!!!! I absolutely love the old style vlogs for gym motivation, just super motivating and you are so knowledgeable, I find you very informative. Do you have any plans to compete in the future? Xxxxxxx

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