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Hey fellas! Welcome to the first working day of my journey to wellness. To get started I prepare on finding out for some exercising and to eat a entire food items plant-based mostly diet regime. I will need to reduce more than 200 lbs and heal myself of some complicated ovarian cysts! Thank you for adhering to my journey.

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  1. I know I've commented a few times, and I just wanted to say I'm very sincere <3 You are a beautiful human inside and out and you will meet your goals!

  2. NEWBIE!!!!! NEWBIE!!!!
    I am too FAT and I think we should text or email one another. Give each other motivation along with the most hate Amberlynn. Us FAT bitches need to do something of a FAT contest of some sort… Email me and FUCK all these haters!

  3. I'm still watching! Believe me, I know the struggle, and nothing you have done is offensive to me. Even though you've had ups and downs, the important thing is that health is consistently on your mind! If it wasn't, then that would be bad, right? Keep on truckin, and don't worry about what we think! I think most of us are really just rooting for you to succeed.

  4. As someone on a similar journey I would say you need to try different meals every few days as it can become boring and repetitive which makes it difficult to stick to. A lot of people use coconut oil. Rather than potatoes try sweet potatoes or have a mix of both of them. You also need to make sure you’re drinking 2l of water. Add cinnamon to your overnight oats as it’s really good for you! Try lentils and quinoa as they are really filling!

  5. I see you are using capsules of Don Quay. You may do better with herbal extracts. I think I should have used this when I was younger. 74 now so don't know whether I still need that kind of support anymore. If only doctors knew about endometriosis when I was childbearing age. Just saying, look up herbal extracts on line. I use several Pure Herbs formulas and love them. Not an affiliate.

  6. Why Chantal? Why do you have to apologise to anyone?! No girl, you owe NO ONE an apology. Not one person. As a true down to earth person I see every point you have. We ARE HUMANS. Do not let anyone make you feel like you need to apologise. It is no ones business but yours what you want to do with your life. You are a great inspiration to a lot of people. STAY STRONG!

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