What You’re Truly Feeding on! six Worst Foodstuff Substances: Well being, Protection, Nourishment, Detox Tips

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What You’re Truly Feeding on! six Worst Foodstuff Substances: Well being, Protection, Nourishment, Detox Tips

Discover out the six WORST food stuff chemicals you in all probability take in daily, which food items consist of them and how to stay away from them! These tips will support you get health and fitness, get rid of bodyweight, detox, and so forth. Get rid of the junk food stuff and go for the health and fitness food stuff. Excellent diet program tips from Corrina Rachel.

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  1. I'm so glad I live in Europe, where a lot of these ingredients can only be used when a warning label is visible on the product. Or they are banned altogether. Products will mention when it's free of chemicals, because people will be more likely to purchase it.

  2. Lots of MYTHS she is posting. Lots of what she is talking about was published by now discredited people. The first one she talks about is complete bull, she does the classic "it was developed for this, so its bad for us" thing that people who latch on to media reports do. First, the FDA reports was in DIRECT response to a "news" article about it being bad, so naturally everyone called in to complain because they assumed whatever health issues they have had is because of that. When it fact it was NOT.

    The 1st "point" she makes about the other sugars is also false, they don't make you crave more foods, they are simply ways for manufacturers to reduce the cost of using real sugar which lowers price. The ONLY main difference between them is that they can use less of the artificial ones to make things sweet. For example if it takes 50grams of sugar normally, they could use 20 grams of artificial one. That's it folks. The "symptoms" she described are so vague that you can't even claim that its related to that. lol

    The 2nd point about Dyes in food is also funny, she likes to use the word petroleum like its a bad word. In fact, its in EVERYTHING, not just food. The very clothes she is wearing, the makeup, etc. You can't make blanket statements like "its not something i want in my diet" when you don't even understand it. You are simply posting fear mongering based on discredited news articles.

    Stop with the "adverse effects commonly associated with". You can put stuff on anything you eat. Even Healthy stuff can have adverse effects on people. Simply saying someone can get a headache is not only completely bonkers when headaches themselves can be caused by thousands of things.

    When you said "lets talk about MSG". I actually said outloud "oh my god she can't be serious!". You do know that MSG is complete %100 safe, and is in FACT as early a few months ago proven again that its fine. The ONLY reason it got demonized is…you guessed it..ONE news article saying how bad it was. Which was discredited a decade ago.

    Jesus i can't even get past the MSG part. I'm going to report this to youtube, hopefully it will remove it for some violation promoting false health claims.

  3. screw my health if it's good I'm eating it all!!..also I was wondering about herbal teas I was wanting to get into it but I heard most of them are pretty strong and you have to get a taste for it overtime..are there any that I could start out with that arnt so strong and go with that for awhile?

  4. I have a similar app that is present in the Dutch App Store I looked for the app you mentioned but when following the link it says that it isn't present in the store perhaps one day 😉

  5. Formaldehyde is naturally present in quite a lot of food types. Apples, Onions, Pears and cauliflowers contain the highest concentrations (way higher than any preservative byproduct). Fruit overall tends to contain it. So your body is fairly adapt at dealing with (very) small amounts of it. BHT and BHA are mostly dangerous in their unbroken down form where studies point at a neurotoxic effect.
    Overall for your food you need to avoid the "BUT THAT'S X, where X can by anything really. Humans shouldn't eat X!".
    You'd be surprised how much "X" you'll find in your "all natural" food consumption. After all, with the exception of titanium all of these items are just combinations of sodium, calcium, potassium, coal, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen.

    Consider preservatives. You always have to consider WHY are these preservatives dangerous to bacteria and fungi? In many cases it's because they play havoc with the bacterias microcosm (too acidic will kill their protein balance, too salty or too sugary will kill through osmosis). Other things are dangerous to bacterias because their wastehandling system is too primitive (after all, they don't have a liver, a major organ of specialized cells designed to break down toxins) so you can handle tiny amounts of it while a bacteria can't. With the exception of "No heavy metals! No active sources of radiation! No antibiotics because that will eventually make them useless as medicine!" there are no hard and fast rules about what's dangerous to you or not.
    Some natural products kill (after all, snakevenom is all natural. The same goes for many of the algae extracts which are cancerogenic or highly toxic), some syntheticly manufactured products are harmless or even good for you.

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