My Training and Eating plan Schedule

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Healthy food items ideas and Health and fitness Schedule

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  1. For those who say his diet/workout is poor or that he is too thin: He didn't even say that his routine is the correct routine everybody should copy. He just showed us his routine and it's obviously working for him, he seems to be happy and energetic and that is what counts. For me it shows that a happy life is possible even without the "perfect" routine and honestly I'm happy about this example while all the others pretend that you need this and that, 3000 kalories a day and being in gym all the time.

    Mach weiter so, Jeremy! 🙂

  2. Jeremy dude you are not eating enough food for your height and frame, If you started toi eat normally you would gain weight because your body would go into over drive and conserve fat for the next famine. P,lease add some more carbs to you evening meal, which will help you get a good night sleep. I am amazed you are not constipated with the 3 eggs a day and nothing else to counter act the iron in the eggs. I looked at your fb page and you could do with being at least 7kg heaver plus you would look younger and not so hollowed out in the cheek area.The French have a saying "the body or the face£ as we age our faces show it more even though we have a great body but a little weight make one look younger. Don't get me wrong mate I think you are "awsome" and love watching your videos but please eat some more food…..this comes from a mother of a son who could do with loosing a few kg….lol! I know there are health benefits being a little underweight but you can go too much the wrong way. go see a nutritionslist and get their advice….love the frasgrance videso keep them coming and plaese could you review Roger and Gallet fragrances plus Fragonard….I love both especially Vetiver by Fragonard and Bois d'Orange by Roger & Gallet the layyer has some really amazing fragrances which are afforadble and not so synthetic smelling.

  3. Yo Jeremy was ist los mine broter!? Have you ever tried green tea with ginger, lime and honey? If not you should! It's so awesome it will make you do one of those spins you love doing so much! Prost!

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