10,000 Calorie Obstacle in A single Meal! Male Product vs Meals!

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I did the 10,000 KCAL Obstacle in A single Meal! Designs DO consume!
Epic Cheat Working day right after one particular week of only feeding on Protein!
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I am traveling the world as an Actor and Product.

We can all attain the wonderful issues that we want.

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  1. HOW
    BE SO OBSESSED WITH VEGTIBALE ?!?!?!!??! its just so boring I mean like I tried this and after few days all my mouth tasted like carrot . HOWWWW?!?!?!??

  2. Dear Mario, i love your youtube videos keep up the good work! i have a question how do i get abs? i work out every day for about an hour i make my abs a priority i’m very fit in my opinion. i’m a fourteen year old female and i’m very strong for my age. i weigh 123-127 lbs depending on the day. I have a pretty flat stomach the lower part is a little bloated but other than that it’s really flat. I can feel my abs they’re hard, and i have a two pack at the top. i got the two pack around 2 months ago, i haven’t seen any progress since and its really discouraged me. I still work out everyday but the past couple days i haven’t done my abs because i feel like no progress is happening. I eat well, get a lot of sleep, i drink water only, I really want them to be defined so you can see them without flexing what should i do?

  3. I have no idea how you did this Mario. I know some of those foods I no longer eat. I do not miss them either. I know it was not easy to do what you did. Watching you made me appreciate why I lost weight and gave up a lot of that stuff. That stuff adds up. Please take care and be careful.

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