What Is The Best Breakfast Meal To Enable You Get Skinny & Remain Lean

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  1. I have a good response video idea for you. Check out the video on youtube titled "5 Ways To Burn Fat Faster (What Is #1?)" by the outuber John Sonmez. I am sure you'll be interested to hear what he says about diabetes and insulin and you'll be shocked that he promoted the book "How Not to Die" inside the same video as well.

    Everybody in the tech/programming part of youtube knows and watches his channel as he has one of the biggest tech-related channels out there and he has been making like 2 videos a day for a long time kinda like yourself.

  2. Everyones just arguing about vegans, meat and what to eat. Do what works for you, listen to your own body, see how certain foods affect you and do your own thing. Results and health speak more than any words can

  3. That much sugar is not healthy if you're a runner. Fruit has sugar for energy but it's balanced with nutrients for recovery. You can run all you want but you will get injured if you don't recover. You're getting the energy to run 100s of miles a week but not the recovery nutrients to absorb the training.

  4. Bro I'd turn vegan for her in a second keep showing us wot we missing out on and adelaide is looking more appealing every video keep up tha good work goddam ✌

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