Below are the ketogenic foods!! Only a few exist. Examine labels and use Cronometer to know the ratios.

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Add coconut milk and coconut product from a BPA-cost-free can to the checklist. You should add additional in the reviews segment but only if you can verify your claim with quantities. Thank you!

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  1. Dr Schmidt all this fat in your diet totally conflicts with the prevailing view on saturated fat and artery health. Such as in the Dr Pritkin diet and Dr Ornish diets which have been lauded and proven to be effective in clearing artery plaque. Pleas answer this!

  2. you should have a billion subscribers. great information, great empathy, great sense of humour and great objectiveness! really, it cant get better than this. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Hi Doc, Just FYI, per Cronometer, bacon is all over the map for fat vs protein. Bar-S is completely different than Kirkland. As you say, folks need to READ THE LABEL!

  4. Love the good fat bars! How about lacto-fermented foods with some fat? Does the lactic acid that the fermentation process creates defeat the purpose of doing keto to reverse lactic acidosis?

  5. Doctor, I have been on a 21 day water fast then took a week off.  Now I am 6 days into another 21 day water fast and according to the urine test strips I around zero to trace amounts of ketones in my urine stream.  I have been drinking 4 cups of chicken and beef broth per day(2 cups of each).  Also to combat the bad breath I have been eating sugar-free breath mints.  Will these sugar-free breath mints keep me out of Ketosis?  They use sugar alcohols and other various sweeteners but have zero carbs and zero proteins.

  6. I am in Michigan and need to talk with you. Can pay for office visit or what ever. I am an endurance athlete and want real help with a keto lifestyle. I get blood work done every quarter and want to go deeper. Thanks

  7. i'm not able to figure out who to listen to. peanuts are supposed to be high in lectins, another thing we have to be freaked out apparently. i just want simplicity. but i dont know who to believe.

  8. Wanted to get ketodamia bar but not only are they expensive (over $3 each) but the shipping charge is totally NUTS !! Disappointed. They need to be available on Amazon.

  9. Came across this list of spices. Figures may differ slightly with different manufacturers. all spice (ground) for one tbsp = 3.0 net carbs

    black pepper for one tbsp = 2.4 net carbs

    caraway seed for one tbsp = 0.8 net carbs

    cardamom ground for one tbsp = 2.4 net carbs

    cayenne pepper for one tbsp = 1.6 net carbs

    cinnamon for one tbsp = 1.7 net carbs

    cloves for one tbsp = 1.7 net carbs

    corriander leaf seed for one tbsp = 0.6 net carbs

    cumin (ground) for one tbsp = 2.1 net carbs

    curry powder for one tbsp = 1.6 net carbs

    dried basil for one tbsp = 0.9 net carbs

    dried parsley for one tbsp = 0.3 net carbs

    dried spearment for one tbsp = 0.3 net carbs

    fennel seed for one tbsp = 0.7 net carbs

    fresh pepperment for 2 tbsp = 0.2 net carbs

    garlic (ground) for one tbsp = 5.3 net carbs

    ginger ground for one tbsp = 3.1 net carbs

    imitation vanilla extract for one tbsp = 0.3 net carbs

    mace ground for one tbsp = 1.6 net carbs

    nutmeg for one tbsp = 2.0 net carbs

    onion powder for one tbsp = 5.2 net carbs

    oregano (ground) for one tbsp = 0.4 net carbs

    paprika for one tbsp = 1.2 net carbs

    poppyseeds for one tbsp = 1.2 net carbs

    poultry seasoning for one tbsp = 2.0 net carb

    pumpkin pie spice for one tbsp = 3.1 net carbs

    sage (ground) for one tbsp = 0.4 net carbs

    tarragon (ground) for one tbsp = 2.0 net carbs

    thyme (ground) for one tbsp = 1.1 net carbs

    vanilla extract for one tbsp = 1.6 net carbs

    white pepper for one tbsp = 3.0 net carbs

  10. Actually I have seen people on YouTube say they were Breatherian's . Didn't know it was a group of sorts … Anyway the people that want to be smart mouth really don't need to be on your channel . At least you are nice enough to respond to them 🙂

  11. Carrot

    Cream cheese
    Cheddar cheese
    Pepper jack cheese
    Mozzarella cheese

    Plain Greek yogurt a spoon or 2 no more than half a cup

    Coconut oil organic
    Mct oil
    Creamed coconut
    Sour cream

    Fish, tuna, sardines
    Wild salmon
    Grass fed beef
    Organic pork shoulder

    Happy Eating!!!

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