Rabbit / Bunny Evening Time Food items Regime..

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This video I am going to clearly show My Pet Rabbit Weekly night Food items Regime ….I Hope This Online video help’s You Guys….
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  1. Both the things you're giving can cause bloating and gas which will eventually lead to a GI stasis in a rabbit ! Both are very dangerous and should be given to a rabbit sparingly. Two neutral foods are romaine and oakleaf lettuces ! Kindly do some research.

  2. A rabbit's digestive system is most complex compared to any other animals like dogs or cats…the basic part of its diet must consist of hay and only hay that is dried grass or grass…one may provide it with cauliflower or cabbage sometimes but not all the times…it would produce gas in its stomach which may lead to gastro intestinal statis (g.i statis or gut stasis) which is the most common problem which rabbits suffer from and die…my 5year old rabbit has suffered a lot due to the diet problem as we know very little about rabbit anatomy and there r very rare veterenarist who gets rabbits as patients..I would suggests to every rabbit owners please do a thorough study on rabbits then pet it…Google about it from different sites its helpful…I found it helpful my bun is happy and healthy now since when I started depending on grass but I do provide cabbage cauliflower and different seasonal vegetables and friuts but as treat not as the basic part of their diet…hope many will find my experience as helpful…

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