CHRIS HERIA – Instruction & Nutrition | VLOG 4 S1

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Verify out my regime for Instruction & diet in This Vlog episode! remain until the end to see just one of my go – to meals when it comes to constructing muscle and earning GAINS!
thanks for watching! adore you men.


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  1. U inspire me to exercise at first I couldn’t do any pushups and within a month I can do 50. It took a lot of work but I can’t wait to get stronger and stronger and be able to do more exercise

  2. Make a video on how to use the thenx programs like what if i can't finish all the exercise in proper form in part one .. should I go to the part 2 next week or should I do part one until I get it right

  3. Hey dude, I'm digging the nutrition aspect of your videos. Cuz as you know nutrition id also equally important to getting shredded. And since it's that time of the year that people are starting to prep for their summer bodies, maybe you can incorporate some more of that. Macros, meal plans, meal prepping etc. But thanks for all the info, you're really making a difference in my workout. Thanks man

  4. Hmm… if you take into consideration the kcal of those two meals you couldn't hit your TDEE to make gains… and your TDEE is actually more important than the protein. So I dont really see the awesomeness behind the "nutrition" except that it looks delicious.

  5. you look like an ectomorph naturally so, would you not say that having vegetables and a high protein substance (meat, fish) alongside almost anything like potatoes, bread is good enough since you're mainly doing calisthenics anyway. My guess is you can eat anything high in nutrients, well digestible and probably be just fine without putting a lot of unnecessary micromanagement on your diet? would be interesting to know what you think because i dont have enough experience yet. My guess is if you eat more crap you might sweat a bit more or smell worse, but what about the training in calisthenics while being an ectomorph anyway

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