£47 Weekly Food items Shop | Constructing Muscle mass On A Finances

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Higher Carb Day

Food 1:

312kcal, 24g protein, 20g fats, 2.4g carbs
£0.fifty five

Food 2:

491kcal, fifty three.8g protein, 2.2g unwanted fat, 66.9g carbs

Food three:

733kcal, fifty six.6g protein, seven.4g unwanted fat, 107.3g carbs

Food four:

509kcal, 59.2g protein, 22.6g fats, 21.6g carbs
£1.fifty six

Food 5:

423kcal, fourteen.5g protein, nine.9g unwanted fat, 76g carbs

Food 6: 

322kcal, 6.4g protein, eleven.7g fats, forty five.2g carbs

Food seven:

105kcal, 1.3g protein, .4g fats, 27g carbs

Whole = 2,897kcal, 215g protein, 72g fats, 346g carbs

Day-to-day Whole = £6.41
5 days for each 7 days = £32.05

Reduced Carb

Food 1:

505kcal, 36.2g protein, 33g fats, 3g carbs

Food 2 & three:

922kcal, a hundred.5g protein, 51g fats, 21g carbs

Food four:

491kcal, fifty three.8g protein, 2.2g unwanted fat, 66.9g carbs£1.93

Food 5:
522kcal, fourteen.1g protein, sixteen.5g fats, seventy seven.1g carbs

Food 6:

290kcal, 5.2g protein, 22g fats, 15.2g carbs

Whole = 2,730kcal, 210g protein, 125g fats, 183g carbs

Day-to-day Whole = £7.33
2 days for each 7 days = £14.66
Grand Whole for each 7 days = £46.71


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  1. Obviously the definition of budget is going to vary from one person to the next so let's not all get worked up if you think £47 is expensive. Keep in mind this works out at 2,700-2,900kcal per day and the quality of food is still pretty high. Like I mention at the end of the video I could have saved money by cutting out things like the fish, avocado etc, and obviously eating less. This is what I would do. You do you do.

  2. Great video bonus that I was watching whilst figuring out what to cook tonight. Went for the sweet potato wedges just used a garlic oil to give a bit of an extra umph

  3. The diet fits well into my budget, my question to you is will my gains get affected massively if I tend to drink on weekends. If yes what should I do to minimize the muscle loss, a day after a binge. We all know you had mastered the art of staying ripped back in the day inspite of drinking 2-3 times a week, please share your secrets lol

  4. Is good to eat chicken chest daily for bulking..
    And it's good to minimize exercise duration in summer cause here too much high temperature around 40+ centigrade cause I sweat more and more during exercise burn most of my calories
    So what should I do..

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