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I’m officially one month into my cut with Renaissance Periodization, so here is my first weight loss update! I let you know how it’s going and also take you through what a full day eating for weight loss looks like.


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  1. Hello everyone,
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  2. Love this vid!! I just finished my first month of counting my macros, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. I’ve been getting stronger in the gym and been having more sustainable energy throughout the day…
    I’m just curious how tall you are? I’m around your weight, so I’m just wondering!
    Also, have you checked your fat% recently ? Should I care about that if I’m training/cross fit/Olympic lifting ?

  3. i love your videos so much. I love how dedicated you are to making sure your body gets what it needs to thrive and pushing your body to be as strong as it can be! You're such an inspiration, especially for me as I have been trying to lose weight for a few years now. Your videos make me want to get in the gym and push my body to be the best it can be! You're definitely right about diet being as important as exercise when it comes to losing weight. I always end up cutting out too many cals when I diet, and then i crash and burn. Thanks for showing me that I can get where i want to be without depriving myself. You motivate me to better myself every time I watch your videos, so thank you for that. Ps. i have the same glasses as you haha!

  4. you should def look into plant based methods of weight loss for athletes ! much better for your body as a whole, but can still get loads of protein easily as all plants have protein — means you can eat more also

  5. AWW SNAP ZAAAA'''TAAAARRRR! I LOVE THAT STUFF!!! with summ olive oil on a Pita breeaddd..YAASS! im hispanic but thank my Arabic friends for showing me the light. HALELUJAHRRRR! ARRIBA! INSHALLAHHH !!!!!!

  6. The problem when I diet is that I feel so weak and tired and all the time. Even tho I'm overweight and need to lose weight, Id need to have no responsibilities, cuz Id just sleep all the time.

  7. Hello,
    Do you have any recommendations for weight loss for someone who changes shifts at work a lot? As a result, this changes what time and how often I eat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  8. I've suffered from a binge eating disorder for years and I now know it stemed from my restriction of food and thinking I needed to eat less. Now that I eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day, the binging is gone and I've never felt better. I'm vegan so I don't eat the same things as you do but it's really refreshing to see how much you eat. Thank you for being a good influence because of that!

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