Podcast 160: Transformational Nutrition

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Beyond the Basics Health Academy welcomes Michael Tamez to the show to share his incredibly powerful story with our listeners.
He was morbidly obese, had severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, advanced gum disease, and a whole lot of resentment for himself. Not only did he reverse all of those conditions, but he also transformed the dysfunctional relationship he had with food, his lifestyle, and his true self. This experience was intensified tremendously when he lost five family members in just eighteen months. Because of the tremendous impact, these losses had on his life; Michael was forced to have unforeseen breakthroughs with the things that were the hardest to deal with. Those experiences were necessary for him to appreciate truly and understand where he is at in his life right now.

After experiencing all of these devastating and life transforming deaths, he was highly inspired to write a transformative book about life! During his journey, Tamez discovered his life’s purpose. His mission is to educate people who want to experience fully living a healthy and balanced life by reaching all their wellness goals.

Tamez has written many professional articles and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Mind Body Green, Food Matters TV, Spirit Science, Living Green Magazine, and Wake up World. He has also been interviewed on several local, and national TV and radio show as well.

By supporting their health through nutrition and balanced living, Michael inspires a permanent and transformative shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live and love.He comes on the podcast to talk about his journey and his book.

He comes on the podcast to discuss his journey and his book. Drawing from this incredible health transformation, Michael published his debut book, Transformative Nutrition.

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