My Motivation to Workout; The Real Reason I Eat Healthily & Exercise + How to Get Motivated

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  1. As always, I again appreciate and agree with all the things you have mentioned here my dear Kelli. For me, the key to have a healthy life style is to find the most effective and SUSTAINABLE way to eat and exercise and to adapt it to your daily routines without doing all those things in just a period of your life. My personal motivation is to feel to good, strong and effective as a young human being – to sum up, to reach my ''potentially best-self''. I am 21 years old and I always had a sensitive digestive system and I suffer from serious back and neck pains due to bad posture and lack of exercise in the past. I never had a problem about my weight (thanks to my metabolism and my mother's amazingly heathly diet) but as I grew up I realized that if I don't be careful about ''what I eat'' (not necessarily on ''how much I eat'') my body struggles really hard to function both mentally and physically. Thus, also thanks to your amazing videos and guiding, I both do have an effective and SUSTAINABLE exercise program and a diet that I mostly concentrate on the ingredients and how less-processed the food is. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  2. Thank you for this and all the other videos! So great to hear real words <3 I just got back into exercising and just earned my workout complete after almost convincing myself that its too late to work out today because of blablabla,I ate my veggie dinner and then got myself to do it ,so happy that I exercised!! Now my well deserved post workout smoothie and a good book:)

  3. First I started working out after weighing myself and seeing that I was about to reach 100 kilos (220 pounds). Not necessarily only to lose weight but to prevent myself from suffering diseases due to overweight like my parents. I saw the consequences of overweight and long-term psychological and emotional damage everyday. My father almost died because of that so I didn't want to end up taking pills and being unable to do so many great things in life like them. I was and I am still struggling with many things like trying not to fall into an eating disorder. But I feel so much better nowadays and I am motivated and willing to keep fighting, eating healthily and working out.
    FitnessBlender played and is playing a big role in my way to a healthy & happy life and I just want to thank you guys for everything. Especially Kelli is a big help with fighting compulsive behavior, over-eating and over-exercising. Thank you 🙂

  4. I work out, and eat healthy to be a good example for my kids, and to be able to play with my kids. I workout to be a good wife. I workout for my mental health, and some days I workout just because I know I should, but don't want to. Thank you fitness blenders! I workout with FitnessBlender because they are encouraging, kind, and effective!

  5. I started working out to improve my health and happiness and it worked for a couple months. I like to workout through youtube videos and, because all the videos are directed towards making u look better, I've started to feel more self-conscious about how I look even tho my appearance is way sexier than it was before

  6. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I work out so my body stays limber and won't seize up on me, even with all the medication I'm on the arthritis still makes everything tense, and life uncomfortable. I see people who don't take care of themselves and I don't have that option. It would be too painful. I'm in great shape, work out regularity. lift weights, and I always give the same response when asked why I work out. I work out for my health, regardless of how you look in the end. I really appreciate that this message you relay in your videos. It's about more than just looking good…

  7. I hope you guys visit NYC or anywhere North East for meet and greet one day so i can give you both a big Hug and Thank you for your kind words and amazing videos. 🙂

  8. I have NEVER thought about it in this way.. I'm honestly so lazy now since I've graduated highschool and college.. I LOVE playing soccer and still do on a daily basis in highschool and now that my school career is over, I've lost my motivation.. Maybe this will help me! I really hope so because I'm tired of being lazy! I do have a wedding to plan so maybe that can be my main focus!

  9. Real talk, my genetics alone make me susceptible to diabetes and heart problems. When I was at around 200 lbs, I've noticed that my blood pressure was in the danger zone and the doctor's said my cholesterol was an issue. I was an active person before, but just really bad eating habits.

    Once I decided to start treating my body right to good food and a healthy lifestyle, my blood pressure is now low in the best sense possible and I am healthy all across the board. I don't have the perfect body. I still have a little gut, but I feel so much better about myself! I love it!

  10. my motivation is that if i do not stay active and healthy, i would just give upon myself, then i would be in a negative continuous loop forever, you know, being lazy, unfit, eat junks and drink coke &feel so bad that i would eat more junk. So to prevent that from happening, i stay healthy everyday

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