Weight & Health Update: Hair Loss, Weigh-In, Exercise, Meal Prep & Planning, and a Big Thank YOU!

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Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a great week! I wanted to share with you some ideas I have in how I will be doing my food prep and planning! Also, I want to give you an update on my hair loss.

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  1. Hi Laura!!! I know I never comment (but I do watch!) though I did want to comment today and say how AMAZING you're doing!! The food is always my biggest challenge as well though to be honest so are the workouts some days lol, and I know that when I don't meal prep, I can very very easily fall back into eating crap and going for the junk and eating way over my daily carb and fat allowances. Meal prepping is a pain in the arse but omg so WORTH the couple of hours you spend one day to make a week's worth of meals. I eat a completely separate diet to the rest of my family so it's just myself I prep for and it makes a world of difference. Also having prepped snacks ready to go has saved me a lot of times too. And don't worry about your PMS weight. Just get it into your head that it's only water and in a couple of days it will be gone, it's just temporary. That's helped me out soooo much, especially in the beginning when I would literally cry when I saw I'd GAINED in a week!! I now weigh myself every single day and average it out over the week to get my true weight and that allows me to see when I'm holding water and for how long, bc I track my food as well. Honestly, once I got out of my own head about weighing myself every day and just averaging it out for the week, it's been so much easier for me and I don't worry at all now bc I know if I'm holding a few hundred grams of water that it will be gone in a day or so. What's also helped me out soooo much is taking monthly pics and measurements. I can go back now for the past 4 months and see the massive changes in my body and that in itself is highly motivating. Before I wouldn't take pics bc I was so ashamed of how I looked but I see now how useful it is! And on the months my pic day falls on the same day as I'm PMSing, I can see exactly where my body holds that extra bloat (I had no idea before). So maybe try that if you're not doing it already. Trust me when I tell you that if you take your pics and measurements today, in four weeks from that day when you do it again, you WILL see a difference. It's honestly so incredibly motivating and makes me want to keep going. Ok I'm done writing a novel lol. If you ever want to chat or anything (or tell me I'm way outta line!) shoot me a msg on snapchat or insta 😀 Keep it up girl, you are moving forward and that's what matters!!! xx

  2. thats awesome Laura (home cooking)…baby steps will get you to your goals…i try my best to have no more than 1 take out meal a week…its challenging at times but i do my very best and meal plan really does help me out…you’ve got this…last week i tried making freezer burritos for the first time and they were a hit with my family…they loved them…and woo hoo congrats on your loss thats awesome…your doing great 🙂

  3. You are never alone, you know that! You are worth it, I am glad things are going better! It is always good to know our triggers! YAYYYYY for no hair balls! Congrats on the weight loss, you got this my friend! XOXO

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