How I Cleared My Skin || Natural Skin Care Routine NOT SPONSORED

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HEYYYY i hope this was helpful to you guys, let me know if any of these products worked for you, you can tweet me or dm me on IG at @kattymaddie at both (:

Products in my routine:

Garnier Micellar Water

Shea Moisture African Black Soap bar

Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer

Aloe Vera gel

Tea tree oil

Rose Water


Muddy Body Detox Mask (you can use code MADDIEXO to save but this is not sponsored i swear)

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Mask

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how i wing my eyeliner everyday:

Brow Routine:

Brushes I use:

im 17 and a senior in high school
i live in Dallas, Texas
i film with a Canon Rebel t5i
i edit with Final Cut Pro X 10.3.3 on my mac
and all i do to my hair is braid it after i shower bc I’m lazy
and yes I’m probably stressing about school and watching ASMR rn


This video is NOT sponsored.


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  1. SIS my skin is identical to yours, ive been on the regimen which cured my acne but hasn't done so much for my hyperpigmentation, ive heard about this aloe vera on skin helping it but haven't consistently used it sis you got my trust I'm going to try this out, i already have all these products just haven't been using it with this method

  2. I'm using this skin care routine right now, my face are GLOWING but it's not doing anything to my acne, and it was not that cheap to buy this stuff, so can someone please help me and tell me what to do to get rid of acne and scars NATURALLY, nothing is helping me :((

  3. i had the worst acne when i was in 7th grade and got in under control my Freshman year and im so glad it hit me early because i wasnt allowed to wear makeup so i didnt make it worse

  4. I clicked on this not realizing it was 23 minutes long once I realized I thought I was going to skip through it because I would be bored but I didn’t I actually really like the video thank you so much

  5. I know you probably wont get to read this, but this video has changed my skin! I was so over my ance flarring up no matter what i did. And i came across your video, and thank you. You convinced me to go out and buy the shea moisture black soap and the moisturizer you mentioned. Im 18 and my genes are similar to yours, so this helped so much, i rarely have as many breakouts as i did before. So thank you for making this ♡

  6. i’m really glad you brought up that there is a difference between acne scars and hyper pigmentation bc i had no idea! i have the same type of hyper pigmentation as you and i’ve worried about it, but now i see it’s fixable and you’ve given me confidence!

  7. we have the same routine and i agree it works wonders! the only thing i recommend (from personal experience) is that if you are using STRAIGHT aloe vera that it may moisturize at first but then dry and feel weird so i put just the slightest bit of jojoba oil(a light oil that mimics the natural oil of your face) as a natural moisturizer and it makes your skin feel exceptionally smooth and soft when it dries !! good luck on your skincare journeys!!

  8. Damn that's why I haven't gone to a dermatologist. I only use natural products. I feel really uncomfortable with chemical-based products and I know that's what dermatologists will give you unless you see a holistic doctor. Acne, more often than not, is a warning sign that your body gives you to tell you there's something wrong on the inside.

  9. Me personally and I’m sure a lot of other people this will work for you too but I found for me that literally pimple creams and all of those acne fighting creams and moisturizers are so stupid, I only use natural products, like for toner I use rose water, for moisturizer I use aloe Vera, and I use those morning and night, for the aloe I wash my face spray rose water let that dry and then put on aloe and put a thick layer on, leave it on for about 10-15 and rise it off with just water so like splash water on your face and pat it dry. At night I just put on a layer after rose water and leave it on over night.

  10. I was prescribed adapaline (same as differin) by my derm and it just made my face feel that dry but oily at the same time feel and super painful… About a month ago I got a facial and this girl went DEEP. I think the most effective things she did were microdermabrasion along with some mild chemical peels (and extractions of course). My skin was dry and slightly peeling for about 3 days after but after that oh my God my skin was like reborn. Also super import… I bought a cleanser from her that she used during the facial that contains GLYCOLIC ACID and I am telling you, it keeps my acne away. I got one pimple while I was on my period and this stuff flattened it in one day.. Like I was amazed. Anyone struggling, I suggest you find licensed esthetician around you and just try it once.. Facials usually run 40-80 dollars, it depends but if you're anything like me, think about how easily you can spend that on products that do nothing for your skin or make it worse. I just feel like my skin is on the up side of things right now and a deep facial and a regular use of my glycolic acid cleanser is just what I needed. Good luck people and btw your skin looks great Madison!

  11. DUDE tell me why i’ve never had acne like my family doesn’t really have a lot of acne like we get pimples occasionally but we’ve never had super bad acne but this year (my junior year) like around the beginning of December i’ve been breaking out and i wanna cryyyyy it’s mainly on my right cheek, a little on my left cheek, and on my chin

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