Exercise Hair & Skin Care Routine | Vlogtember #29

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I hope you enjoyed this look at my exercise hair and skin care routine. See you tomorrow for the last day of Vlogtember. In the mean time, check out the accompanying blog post for more info:

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Let’s face it. Many women refuse to exercise because of their hair. They do not want to mess it up or they are trying to preserve some style. At the same time, many women summer from exercise acne.

This routine works best to maintain healthy hair and acne free skin. Right now my hair is in braids with beads, so I gather all the hair on top of my head and tie it down securely with a scarf. This keeps the beads from hitting my face and allows me to get my workout done.

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  1. When I workout I pull my hair up & wrap it n a pretty tight bun. I sweat profusely so the tight bun actually enables the sweat 2 come thru &evaporate instead of sitting on my hair. I leave it n the bun exposed awhilst I shower 4 the steam which gives it good body when I take it down. After I get dressed I take it down and shake and I'm gtg. It's funny how everything doesn't work 4 everybody. We have the exact opposite routine. Thanks so much 4 sharing!

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