A Fitness Coach Explains How Exercising At Home Can Be As Good As A Gym

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Business Insider spoke to Roger Frampton, a movement coach and author of ” The Flexible Body”.

Frampton explained how you can do an effective body-weight exercise at home using furniture or other surfaces.

He added that stretching and regaining your mobility shouldn’t be limited to the gym.

“I look around my house, I see my sofa; for me, that’s like parallel bars. I see a chair; what balances can I do on a chair? Can I stretch my legs on a chair? I look around the house, I go into the kitchen and I see all these different heights.

So the way I’m viewing things around the house is I’m going: “How can I use this?” Because the reason is, the number one tool for training is your body. That’s all you really need.”

Watch the video to hear the full interview.


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  1. the premise is good, but I saw no flexing in the video only static poses, I'd be more than glad to know how to bring a gym home, even if the experience is incomplete

  2. People are telling him dumb seriously …guys he don't want body for IFBB pro he want good endurance good stamina and good looking body ..so he told this ….he is fit i am sure 99% of pro bodybuilder are Not near to him in strength, endurance and heath

  3. This is bullshit. I agree the gym is psychologically motivational. But you’re not going to build any where near as much muscle mass by doing push ups on a kitchen counter than you are with all weights variants at the gym. The gym has a range of machines that provides workouts you can’t replicate easily, for example rowing. Also it has cycling and running which many people can’t do in the winter because it gets dark. Plus they have unique things like spinning classes, swimming pools, saunas and personal trainers.

    I get his idea but it only works for people who want to do a bit more exercise on top of the gym.

  4. For everyone shouting BS. Lets take a second to listen…. cause it doesn't mean we cant still learn from what he's saying… e.g. still go to the gym (esp if your aim is bulking an getting bigger than with body workouts), but also try and look at what around your home can we use and look at differently as tools to work out…. cause what happens is a lot of people if for one reason or another they have to miss gym and cant make it wont do anything till they finally get back to the gym…. so whether you agree with him or not he still has valid points that we can adapt into our lives and our mentality of separating training mode and life

  5. What he said at the end really stood out to me
    Like to me, it’s the amount of time that it takes when you divide your workout into training mode and life mode that makes me so unmotivated to work out.

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