Healthy Breakfast (570 Calories) I Raghav Pande

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Healthy Breakfast (570 Calorie)

Your diet is the most important aspect of Health & Fitness.

What You Eat, How Much You What and What Form of Food You Eat will clearly determine how well you are able to manage weight and improve overall health and fitness.

Here is one of my breakfast options that i eat often to kickstart my day.

Raghav Pande is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition.

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  1. Hii Raghav..i want to reduce my belly fat… But don't know what to eat in the morning nd how much need to eat…. So how can I calculate all those things… Can you help me in that??

  2. do u eat pigeons as well.. 😛 on a serious note, for a vegetarian who also eats eggs, where else can I get my protein from? I weigh 70 kg, ideal protein per day for a 167 cm tall guy?
    watching ur videos, I've cut sugar and processed food for now and I notice my skin feels better by day 4 at least..

  3. Hi Raghav need your help badly. ..I am an IT professional and during weekend I have an urge to consume beer or alcoholic beverage I am doing regular workout but this habit drag me down…can you please help me to get rid of this habit….your help may motivate other people also….

  4. Hi Raghav. just came across this concept of intermittent fasting. Where the concept is to skip your breakfast and have 3 meals, healthy ones of course. What are your views on this. Is it a gimmick or a real science ?

  5. Good video and only for fat asses, counting calories each time you eat and not be able to enjoy what you eat well! eat and enjoy as long is good stuff and good food, its a nightmare to count calories every time you eat! we were not born to count calories to eat and live, although these type of videos are grate for fat asses like American people that eats garbage and junk on an every day bases for example

  6. Mr.Pande ji,I am here in USA ,this is my first time a youtube of a Bharati and I am very glad,so far very nice video,now question is I am cent percent a full vegetarian therefore no meat ,fish or eggs,I love gym and yes I have gained muscle ,can you kindly give an alternate high good protein low cal diet.I would highly appreciate your help.You are a true champ

  7. doing great Raghav…i started gym since 2 months and i have my worout routine set properly…i also follow you adnd the body transformation workouts of yours….I just need to ask you can you give a full day diet like from breakfast to late night snack..if my gym timing is in morning and i work late midnight….this will be of a great help..currently i am 71Kg and need to build muscle and abs…

  8. Hello Raghav, Thanks for the videos!
    I have one doubt.

    I am planning to build muscles as well as lose body fat. My daily Calorie requirement is around 2000 Calories. Do you think that I can cut on Calories (to lose fat) , and still gain muscles? I am doing regular weight training and Cardio exercise ( 40 mins a day).

    Currently I am having ~1800 calories, and I am having around 120 gm protein a day. (my current weight is 80kg, and height is 5'11"

  9. hey raghav,,you have always uploaded videos regarding a specific goal which is either to bulk up or to loose much calorie and protein intake should be there to gain muscle and loose fat simultaneously

  10. And my third question of today is:   what about the other  foods of the day? you have video? how i search em? egg part i do not like cause i hate to throw to garbage so ill eat nly one 😛   thenx a lot ! nice house n nice pidgeon.

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