Eating once a day… Why I do it, and what I eat.

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  1. I was bulking in my early 20’s. My weight was 205 and height 5’8”. When I was in my late 20’s I went down to 180 and focused more on cardio and definition. I felt better when I was lighter.

  2. I do not know how i came across your video but it is spot on brother,definitely true because i am also on this routine,and guys trust me it works but as the brother says do your research yourself and this is very proffesional,u got my subscribtion brother,great vid

  3. Great video! And the part about resting your body.. Much respect, keep doing your thing if it works best for you. Not all body and genetic types are the same. science is always changing bout the human body works.

  4. Honestly, this rationalization of the one meal a day diet comes across like the flat earther logic of healthy eating, but having watched your video and listened to you I will at the very least look further into the science and success of others behind this method of eating. I admit that I thought to myself "this dudes full of shit" after the first few seconds of watching and was just about to watch something else, but then you spoke on how you started to feel like having to much muscle mass was hindering your overall health and happiness and that had me thinking "this guy isn't bullshiting if he has the self-awareness to be able to realize when too much of a good thing becomes bad". It's a good video if it makes you curious enough to want to learn more and this definitely succeded in doing that even despite my initial scepticism.

  5. Hi Mike, great video. I have been trying to get leaner and lighter and I do mostly plant based as well. Was wondering how long you have been eating once a day and rate of which you have been losing weight. Thanks

  6. A quick nutrition fact: 5 asparagus spears is about 20 cal, 2.2g of protein.
    Let's say he ate about 40= 18g of protein
    Broccoli: 1 cup is about 54 cal, 2g of protein
    Ate about 4 cups = 8g of protein
    Jalapeno ~ 1.5g of protein
    Serving of kale ~ 3g of protein
    300 grams of brussel sprouts = 10g of protein
    Green Onion (~100g) = 2g
    18+8+1.5+3+10+2~43g of protein with a rainbow variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will aid in muscle recovery and growth.

  7. For as much as the body building/fitness community eats you think someone would watch a damn video about properly cutting some food. Save your fingers AND your time. search some knife skills videos

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