Eating Clean Doesn’t Mean Weight Loss

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Clean eating is not a nutrition strategy that will work unless you also understand just what you are taking in on a daily basis. yes foods we consider to be clean, or whole food nutrient dense are great ways to hit our daily nutrition needs but there needs to be a deeper understand of why some foods fit our goals and why others don’t. Stop looking for the easy way, and start being accountable.


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  1. Tracking is a pain in the rear, but when I track my food intake is when I'm the most fit. It does take a lot of dedication, however, once you get in the swing of things, it becomes second nature. Nowadays APPs makes tracking extremely easy and convenient. I remember back in the day having to write my daily food intake into a journal and then transferring the data to a Desktop Fitness APP. I agree with the accountability aspect of eating in general.

  2. Hi Paul, I just stumbled on to your channel and I think is great. Its given me a lot of insight. I just watched you video on reverse dieting and I was wondering if you would recommend the approach to weight loss for someone who is obese. 5'5" over 200 lbs

  3. Totally agree with this concept as far as weight loss specifically. However what I've found in my weight loss journey is "clean eating" gives me the flexibility to eat MORE since "clean" foods are usually less calories. So for me, I would rather eat a huge plate of roasted veggies and grilled chicken for the same caloric intake as maybe a slice or two of pizza. I feel full longer, my body feels better, I don't feel sluggish, and I feel more satisfied. So yes, it is about calories in vs calories out for weight loss specifically. But for me, in order for it to be a LIFESTYLE, I don't want those calories to be restricted to less food. Am I wrong?
    Ps. I'm a first time watcher. Great video, I feel super motivated right now.

  4. I don't think you have to work harder LOL  You are one of the most conscientious coaches I know!  Great video.  I could care less on how someone chooses to eat as long as they are happy any achieving their goals but I cringe every time I hear someone say "clean eating".

  5. Well said, I've finally come to the realization that I have to to take the steady and accountable route to the fat loss "campaign". Thank you for your videos they keep me accountable and motivated.

  6. Had this debate with a coworker recently… She claimed that eating" good calories" would help her to lose weight… Where as I claimed its all about the total amount of calories in vs out when it comes to weightloss/gain..

    Great channel Paul, among the very best fitness channels on Youtube IMO, hopefully it will continue to grow, its well deserved

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