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Back with another episode of Teen Beauty Bible! And this time it’s one of the most highly requested video from our teen viewers, “Skincare on a BUDGET!” Yes, we’ve invited a real teenage girl who’s a subscriber to our WIshtrend TV and asked her some questions to see if she is doing skincare on a budget right. Kasper is here to share some of the most useful tips on how to save money on skincare so hope you guys enjoy!

[SKINMISO] RIce Foaming Cleansing

[KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

[KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner

[KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad

[BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet Mask

[BY WISHTREND] Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

[KLAIRS] Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion

[KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

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  1. Can you advise me about Klairs Vit.C Juice drop please? I started using it more than 2 weeks ago now. On the first week, I had rashes on my chest that was so red,itchy and had breathing problems. At first I was thinking whether if it’s from the skin care products that I used or not. It was the Klairs Vit.C and Cosrx Oil Free Moisturising Fluid that I ordered and used it right away. As far as I know I don’t really have allergies and My skin is quite used to using Vit.C products as I used to have BodyShop Vit.C facial wash few months ago and my face loves it. So after what happened, I stopped using both the Klairs Vit.C Juice Drop and Cosrx Moisturising fluid just to figure out where the skin reaction is coming from. On the 2nd week, I used the Cosrx first for a day and it was okay. Then 2 days after I used the Klairs Vit.C drop again and after an hour I had a small reaction on my left arm again (which looked like a pimple) and it’s bit itchy. The reaction was minimal compared to the reaction I had on the first week. My question is: Should I continue using the Klairs Vit.C drop or just stop it?? Im really confused as it was quite pricey as well. Please advise me. Thanks.

  2. I use a manual cleansing brush and I put my cleaner directly on my face and not on my brush. Also I have very sensitive skin so the brush absorbing some of the cleanser is awesome for me cause it doesn’t irritate my skin.

  3. This is the highlight of this video:
    1. Cleanser
    2. Toner
    3. Cotton pad
    4. 2 in 1 product for make up

    I never think toner is important skincare before but thanks this video help me out from the darkness. From now on I can saving money for other things.

  4. Honestly , i accept that All product in Wishtrend are good and really work . But don't you use these product Kasper ? As i see your face without make up and it's pimple , scar and not as smooth as when you put make up on . Not anti just wondering

  5. Ok things to do when you oily af and acne prone af bc of that,but clay packs break you out for some reason and moisture packs that are way to moisturizing also breaks me out ,help

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