4 Ways To Boost White Blood Cells

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White blood cells are crucial for immune health and preventing infections, diseases and sickness in general. Including more of these nutrients in your diet will help boost white blood cell health.

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  1. High white blood cell count means that you most likely have inflammation inside your body and your body is trying to repair itself so high white blood cell count in your blood test result is not good

  2. A healthy diet doesn't have to be raw, and any carbohydrate be it in a food that is for nutrient content or strictly for energy is a good enough reason. The nutrient content is it's own benefit. We eat for 2 health related reasons not 1, to produce water/heat/energy and for the nutrient building blocks of our body. Advocating alternative treatments to cancer is a terrible idea, there is a reason such a harsh treatment is used – because it's literally the only effective method.

    Laughing and a healthy diet do boost white blood cells, but for some reason you have a skewed and incorrect view about what a healthy diet might include. Breaking a bone also boost white blood cells, getting sick does as well – so if you want more of them just stop washing your hands or jump off a building – is equivalent to your advice.

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