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3 FullyRaw Breakfast Recipe Ideas to Start Off Your Day the RIGHT WAY! A chia pitaya fruit rainbow jar, rainbow smoothie jar, and a FullyRaw Vegan Cereal! All delicious, healthy, and cruelty-free! Subscribe to my youtube channel here and follow my Instagram at and snapchat (fullyraw) as well. Sending many hugs!

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  1. Hey gorgeous Kristina
    Isn't the vegan food expensive? ??
    I have y to loose about 40K of weight. ..I'm so depressed.
    I think raw food coast more than meat
    Because strawberry and blueberries and other thing you add coast lost of money .
    Is there any other advice?

  2. You are going to be a big part of a healthy change in my life. I am gearing up to do a turpentine/castor oil cleanse. Im sick and tired of being…. (Cliché). But first I must go vegan. Begin having regular bowel movements. (3 or more) then I can start my cleanse. I am going to draw inspiration through your channel. Thank you. Thank you so much in advance!

  3. I am a vegetarian but most Dr's say too many fruits raises your sugar levels. I have watch many of your videos and I am amazed how you consume so many fruits……very interesting because I love fruits……MINDY

  4. Two questions! Question one: Where I work we sell coconut water but it has sugars in it, is that okay to use or do I need to use plain coconut water? Question two: I discovered organic bananas. Now I have tasted the regular bananas and love them, but I have also tasted the organic bananas as well and to me there is no difference in taste. The regular and organic bananas tastes the same. Do you recommend regular bananas or organic bananas for the third recipe? 🙂 Bye the way, I subbed you because I love the recipes and your tips on eating healthy and looking good and I also created a playlists of your videos. 🙂 Oops!! Forgot one more thing to ask you. lol!! What type of milk did you use in the third recipe?

  5. I have been allergic to banas most of my meat eating life. If I fast and clean my colon out (large and small intestines) will I. be able to eat bananas? I really want to make nicecrram badly!

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